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[CSGO] de_archives

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After days of countless threats, a small terrorist group has launched an attack on a small town outside of Grosseto, Italy.

The group hopes to hold the archives complex for it's powerful strategic position, and high elevation.

Thankfully, a GIS Counter-Terrorist squad has made efforts against the group, leaving only the most powerful members alive, holding a formidable position in the archives complex...A tough scenario lies ahead for both sides of the conflict.

Steam Workshop Link - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1702736973

Screenshots - https://imgur.com/gallery/wyyaZ95

Overview Image



Please, if you have any feedback let me know! :) Good luck, have fun.

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updated overview image for new update

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New update out! This is directed to be the first steps to reducing complexity in the map. Let me know what you think of the changes. I still want to do more in this respect.

-Updated radar and fixed some visual bugs with it
-Widened top A to B hallway
-Added a monument near the tree
-Fixed upper B double doors opening towards the terrorist side
-Removed the middle construction area in favor of a more simple wall
-Removed middle catwalk from the construction area from T spawn to CT roof
-Elongated wall in lower B, near the ammo crates, for CT cover
-Moved CT spawn to 2nd floor planning room
-Simplified B site by removing gap between floors near ammo crates
-Closed back staircase to B
-Reduced number of single bookstacks to reduce boosting spots
-Fixed more gaps in double doors

-Added map audio!

Have fun with the update! Let me know your feedback!

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