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This is the first map that I have made and I am working on it alone

It is currently a WIP that is entirely made out of dev textures

The layout is pretty much finalized and I am just looking for feedback before I go into the visual details

The theme I am going with is the ruins of a temple deep in a bright jungle

Any feedback on the map would be appreciated

Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1697748607

Overlay (sorry it's bad had to grab a quick image of it before I left) (not up to date)







T and path to B







A upper637ECC93-501F-47AB-BAF8-7AAE1C065027.thumb.jpeg.7114f8ac664641d410fd2358a9e95cc9.jpeg

Mid to A and A lower




B again6D1F3006-CEE8-44CD-BD14-3026DD91B141.thumb.jpeg.3eee2b0d0b8edd457be778ecd4945baf.jpeg

B longCF645640-A7DA-46A5-8279-4DFEB80A1922.thumb.jpeg.715300ffceca7db927d2aff0918894eb.jpeg

T Path to B


T entrance to midde and path to A


A split


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Changed A site images for new ones and added a little to description
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It’s hard to give feedback when the overview doesn’t mark the bombsites and spawns. We can guess, they seem recognisable, but better be clear. Also an on the ground view to get a sense of elevation in the map is important… at least on bombsites 

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@RA7  I added lots of images but don't know what my theme is going to be yet. @blackdog there are some images to show the elevation of the map now. @Interfearance the map is 4 lane but one of the lanes to A is under the other and I would like an explanation on how to implement t better as I currently have it further back for timing purposes

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@ElectroSheep the reason my terrorists are further back is to let the CTs get to sites first but nuke has both teams back, which they should just move both forward and it won't effect timings. Also moving the split back reduces the amount of area in the map that only gets used at the start of  the round and slows down CTs that push through sites.

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I want feedback on the theme and story idea I have for the map.

The theme idea for the map is similar to Aztec's ruins but with a different style and with a brighter more jungly (Maybe tropical) look to it. I also want to make the death pit in the middle a pool of piranhas.

The story is that a big company has showed up to the ruins and has begun to steal the artifacts within, saying they are bringing it to a museum when they are really selling it on the black market for money. A local village gets word of it, and a small group of forms to go and stop them from taking the artifacts. Soon after they begin to hold back the company, they are labeled as terrorists and the [Insert CTU here] comes to help out the company. If only they knew what the company was really doing.

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I think it would make sense for the CT's to help the villagers, because the villagers will have T models otherwise, confusing people who read the story. Unless of course you are making a villager militia model set. This sounds cool but is really hard, especially since model dimensions can change the gameplay. If you changed this slight detail I think the story would still be good: "Counter-Terrorist forces must engage the clandestine group responsible for the vanishing of sacred artifacts from the heart of the jungle." Also, why would villagers be using bombs to destroy their own artifacts?

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