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Source engine envmapmask doesn't work if $basealphaenvmapmask is used. Any solutions?

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Objective: To create a texture for my model, such that different parts have different amount of reflectivity. (Uses $envmapmask)
Also, I am aiming at using 1 single VTF file as the material doesn't have any bump map.

Methods that can be used

1. use a grayscale texture and $envmapmask command in vmt. This will need 2 vtf files, 1 will be base/diffuse  and second will be grayscale specular map.
2. If the material has a bump map, we can use its alpha channel as specular mask. This will again require 2 vtf files. 1 will be diffuse/base texture and the other will be normal map. Uses $normalmapalphaenvmapmask.
3. We can use base texture's alpha channel as specular mask, and this will need only 1 VTF file. This uses $basealphaenvmapmask. (This also works inversely, black is reflective, white is matte.)


For some reason, 3rd method isn't working. It gives me 100% reflectivity all all surfaces. (Check attachments)

Also, I wanna ask if there's any guide for all the flags and compression formats used by VTF.


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6 hours ago, esspho said:

try using $basealphaenvmapmask

I am using that itself in the test files. I wrote it "$basealphaenvmask" in this thread in a haste. In the files however, the correct thing is used.

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55 minutes ago, +Rusty+ said:

Within your test vmt your using $basemapalphaenvmapmask instead of $basealphaenvmapmask.
here's also a lil list of some vm param stuff:


I must be blind to leave that unnoticed. Thank you so much :). Correcting that resolved the issue.

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