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[UNPAID] Need someone who knows how to draw...

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Greetings! I picked up 3D modelling and would like to model some characters. My plan is to make models of Gwen Tennyson (grown up version), Shaak Ti (and possibly other charracters from SWTCW), Kiva from Megas XLR, Possibly charracters from Supernatural. These models will be useable in SFM. But I can't model them unless I've got a Front/Side/Top plane wiev on each of them. And im not that good at drawing. They have to be proportianl and precise. I can't promise Money, just a little bit of possible fame once/If I publish.
Anyone up for a challange?

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Did you copy/paste this from a different message board and forgot to remove the formatting? Was missing the UNPAID tag btw.

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