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Matteo Gilmour Russo

[Paid Job] - Game Developer in Unity (2D)

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Hello everyone,


Who am I?

I'm Matteo, a game artist and lead designer of a mobile game currently being developed in Dublin. Our team is composed by just 2 people: 1 programmer and myself. We have an agreement with angel investors that are already financing our development, and will soon finance the market buzz and ops once the game is finished.

We have already shipped one game (not under the name of the company we are creating now), that was featured twice in the past by apple on the app store.


We have been developing a game that is going to be published on both android and iOS once it is ready, as it has been developed with the unity engine. It's a game kinda like candy crush, or toon blast, but with a more fantasy and passionate turn to it (something I wanted to have in a game, being myself a videogame nerd).


What are we looking for?


We are looking for a skilled unity programmer. I'll post some things you need to know for this job, even though I'd really love to see your resumes anyway:


- Understand Unity environment base

- Good knowledge of C#

- Implementation of online database for saving / loading leaderboards, challenges between users

- Implementation and use of facebook APIs to save progress, invite friends, share results.

- In-game user behavior analysis and dynamic adaptation based on the data obtained

- Content localization (mainly text)

- Encrypt saved files on local devices and make it as inaccessible as possible


What do we offer?


What we offer is either a medium range salary + home in Dublin Centre, or just the salary and remote work (but we'll see together about that).

If you're interested please pm me at [email protected] as you read this and send me your CV. We will discuss this topic further in private.


See ya!

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