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[cs:go] de_urbany [5v5 & Wingman]

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5v5 competitive map with integrated Wingman
You can also play Deathmatch.

Steam Workshop: de_urbany

Gamebanana: de_urbany



This is a new version of de_focus. One of my old maps.

One big and several small gameplay changes have been made. I also upgraded the look. I hope you like it. :D

I gave the minimap several colours.
The reason why I did this is simple.

When I play new maps and I look at the minimap to spot enemys and I see one further away I often don't realize in which area he is.

The colours should make it easier for you to know faster which area is which.

Let me know wheter the colours help you or not. ty :D







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New Map update = New screenshots

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The first picture looks pretty nice. But overall it doesnt really feel like a real place, there lacks consistency or something. Like it are all random buildings placed there. Did you use any references? Oh and please dont place the windows on the wall but in the wall, this looks pretty odd :D

Layout looks pretty interesting, but A site feel to have many entrances though, but idk. U should do a playtest! Think it will be fun


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Thanks for your feedback Roald. :D


I try to make it look more like a real place and also place the windows inside the wall.

I only took references for one building (Edit²: I deleted it because it was too detailed. I created the twin towers instead, less details and much sexier).

But the map is chaotic like a district near my place.

Edit: One reason why I made the map more chaotic is to give every section a unique look to make it easier to recognize where you are.

But working with references is something I did insufficient in the past. I will use more for my next map.


The one entrance from Pit to A on the minimap is none. You can just drop down from A to Pit.

Ok,.. hmm seams like that someone could do a 3-man-boost. Hmm..

I really don't like 3-man-boosts. Makes building a map more complicated.


And I will think about doing a mapcore playtest.

Guess I should have done this before but I hope it is never to late for that. :D

I am willing to improve the map and make changes if needed.

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I already worked on the "make it real" update. :D


I didn't liked the wall on the top left screen. In early versions there was a tunel leading to a street. I removed them because I had too many func_details inside the map.

Now that I made a whole bunch of them into displacements I opened it again. I also changed the building a bit. It feels much better that way.


At the bottom left screen I removed the small house and the right buidling. I also adapted the one building to the twin towers.



The windows on the top left screen were odd I removed and replaced them only to erase it completely.


I removed the one building on the bottom left screen and thus made the other building bigger.

Thats it. Need to wait until I got more ideas.


Really good feedback @Roald :D ty again.

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The "make it real" Update is now live. :D


Steam Workshop: de_urbany


The Ts target the HLT company. I changed the textures of the HLT building at A site to match it up with the other buildings.

I also added a few floors on the buildings at bombsite A and B.


Bombsite A is remade. I replaced the crates with those leaf flowerpots and the pots on the right.

I also demolished the house which was next to the HLT building.


I placed security cameras to some areas which belongs to HLT and I made the entrances to bombsite B safer.


A fence-gate was added and I replaced the crates with a new security door.

And thats how Street


and the surroundings looks now:



There were more changes but those are the most significant.


I hope you like it. :D

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Hey good progress, I like the changes!

I suggest looking at photo references a lot, to help with the "realistic" aspect of it all.

5 hours ago, Ringel said:

Wow I got 29 dislikes at once today at the steam workshop. Looks like someone don't want to see my map on the frontpage.

Yeah it's definitely the bots, don't worry about it


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