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Snarkpit 2005 mapping contest


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As a few of you know, every year at the Snarkpit we have a mapping contest. This year is of course no different, and marks our first in the source engine. While we don't exactly have the prize funds or anything that try to entice mappers in other contests, we always have a good number of entrants and tend to see some pretty exceptional entries (look at Ferret's fairytale map, or CJ's "Persian Letters" entry for last year). I figure some of you guys might be interested in doing something a little different, so here's the scoop...

http://www.snarkpit.net/features.php?pa ... les&id=175

And for info on last years contest, showing off all the entries, check this link...

http://www.snarkpit.net/features.php?pa ... cles&id=85

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oooh, contests are great! This one looks good. If it was for hl1, fairytale would be perfect...

Im probably not going to even bother thinking about joining, though. I've got no ideas, and even if i did have one id get my ass kicked by CJ and those dudes.

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