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Mike-O: They are probably two different models.

TWTW: Hmm yeah. It is Havoc that drives Source, but according to Valve they also did a good bunch of work on the phycics. "With Havok it was really tough, without it would have been impossibl" -Valve.

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you can't make models in source that have individual breakable parts. either the whole model is breakable or it's not.

what about the plants in office? the leaves dont break, but the pot does.

these are just 2 different gibs. The plant gib and the broken pot gibs. nothing special.

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zacker, i know that its true that many ragdoll/physics enabled object will

drop your fps faster than anything, does it amtter what engine the game is

using? for example. lets say we had 10 ragdolls active in half life 2 and

10 in unreal. would one engine handle that many ragdolls better?

It is not about the engine that is running the game.

A large part is what physics engine you are using, how many bones the model has, how well it is rigged, scene complexity, implementation, etc.

People often associate the Source engine with good physics, and I'd say you'd be more wrong than right.

HL2 uses Havok physics (whatever version) but the "Source" is defining the weight and handling of all the objects to make it appear proper and realistic, and they did a very good job at this.

I wouldn't say "Havok" by itself is good either, because the ragdolls in a game like Thief 3, using Unreal tech with Havok physics probably has the worst ragdolls I have ever seen.

I guess some people get it right, and others don't.

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