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No Goblin is looking for a Level Designer (full time/remote OK)

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Hi there, Mapcore pals! We’re Dan and Panzer from No Goblin! We’ve made unique games with heart like Roundabout and 100ft Robot Golf, and we’re now looking to grow and build a unique, diverse team for No Goblin Game 3 and beyond.

Our goal as studio runners is to build the team experience that we wished we’d had back in our previous AAA lives. We’re a remote-first studio that schedules and scope our games with quality of life as our primary concern, and we’re offering a forward thinking benefits package and team setup.

If that sounds interesting to you, please send us your details at this handily provided link!

(Feel like you’re overqualified or underqualified? Apply anyway! We’re happy to find unique solutions for the right person.)

Level Designer

We’re looking to add a great level designer to the team. If you love making cohesive worlds that are multi-layered and infinitely replayable, this may be the perfect job for you!

Your day to day will involve:

  • Building levels from graybox to content lock in Unreal Engine 4 in a way that they’ll be performant on current generation consoles.
  • Acting as the point person for those levels. You’ll be able to move from a design chat about systems and level flow, to an art discussion about style and architecture, into a technical discussion about performance seamlessly.
  • Creating interesting puzzles and challenges using a combination of Level Blueprints and existing systems.

Skills you’re good at:

  • Building levels in Unreal Engine 4 from start to finish in a particular style and setting.
  • Pitching a high level concept and see it through to completion.
  • Setting up level logic and unique moments with Blueprints.
  • Iterating and taking in constant feedback, then incorporating it into your vision and flow of the level.

Bonus skills that puts you ahead of the pack:

  • You’ve worked in a UE4 team previously and have developed a great sense of level design working practices that you’d like to share and evolve with a small team.
  • You love and/or have shipped non-linear “sandbox” style levels similar to Hitman, Deus Ex, or Dishonored.
  • Your Blueprints skills are so good that you can build and maintain non-level Blueprints as well as your Level Blueprints.
  • You have previous experience either working as part of a remote team or with freelance work.

This is a full time salaried position. Please send through your level design portfolio when applying.

Applicants may be asked to take a level design test - we promise to make it as short and painless as possible!

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