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I'll Pay to recreate The Specialist on Source properly


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The Specialist 2019 Source Mod Application Requirements: 

1. You must have a job in real life and not enough time to join the Mod team and contribute anything. No jobless Liberals may join the team. I only want people to join my team who are currently being crushed by work life and unable to properly contribute. These are the only people in the world with value that can help me. 

2. You must accept my tyrannical rule, I know better than all of you. I will overrule you. I am a carpenter and already skilled in telling people what to do. I could build 1000 houses in less time for Black Mesa to release a single update. Good things do not take decades to produce, these people are undisciplined and are not welcome to join my mod team. We landed on the moon in less time than Black Mesa took to release, that mod team can go fuck itself. That mindset can go fuck itself. No Socialists are welcome to join the mod team. 

3. You must bitch and complain regularly about everything. I want back the old days where everyone had a brilliant idea that everyone else hated. No fucking Liberal ideas designed to appease everyone. This game is going to be fun for me first, and the rest of you second. You will be able to lone wolf, and win. I hope that makes you cry, Liberals. I'm going to STEAL MECKLENBURG AND RERELEASE IT. 

4. I am going to take public domain contributions and repurpose them. Gun models, sounds, player models, ect. I'm not making a bunch of new shit for no reason. I'm also not asking anyone for their permission to redistribute, they can have attribution paid and that's it. Public domain. Time is money. If you take offense to this, you likely have no idea how to read a tape measure and are a Liberal. 

5. Vino, unless he matches me dollar for dollar, is fired. 

I was looking to pay a programmer to get the ball rolling so I could recreate The Specialist on Source. I'm only considering Source, no other engine is good enough — if you disagree I don't care you're probably clueless. 

I wanted to use this as a starting point:


Because Double Action is dead, I want to take over where it left off and I want to strip some stuff out, add a few things, and focus on making it fun offline against bots. I just need a good programmer that I can afford, and I will fill in the rest with my own skill sets. The idea is to release the mod in a state where everyone can properly contribute to it, unlike DA which nobody can contribute to and is dead.

I'll pay for the following:

Mod Rebrand - New name and main menu

Map Workshop integration 

Removal of achievements 

Adding and/or refining movement features like climbing ledges, mantling objects, tweaking existing movement.

Refining baseline mechanics of 1 pistol, 1 smg, 1 shotgun

Integrating bot parameters and modifying FGD for ease of creating single player scenarios against bots.

That's it, if I can check off these boxes I will release the mod with some new fun maps and have a decent Beta 1. The reason I am doing this is because I think video games suck, and I know that everyone wants The Specialists to come back alive. If you want to join the project as a programmer, time and money is all I want to know. Anyone else is free to join this project, do not send me your resume or portfolio I do not give a shit. I'm only paying the programmer, the rest is volunteer. If you want to make a map, go right ahead. 

P.S. I fucking hate video games. If you hate video games too, then this is the project for you. I just want to release this, reach top 10 most played on Steam, and then tell Gabe Newell that he should fire himself. 









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Just so y'all know, I seriously appreciate being able to express myself without being censored. 

The response to this has been way beyond my expectations, I am in contact with the right people now to get this moving. The first baseline design document has been submitted to a Source engine experienced programmer who is going to provide me with advice on how to improve the document so that I can hire a programmer and help that person be successful. If I hire a programmer and the programmer fails to deliver, I take full responsibility for that and will blame myself and my design document, not the programmer. 

If you wish to contribute with The Specialist Source, then simply comment what you loved about the original game, or what you'd like to see in the Source version. If you want to make a map, let's talk about your ideas for setting, location, and any movies that inspire you.

This mod will not break ground until a framework is set with clearly defined goals. Just like building a house, you can't just start digging a hole, sometimes it takes years to get permit approvals and all the planning done. In my opinion mods fail because they break ground without a proper plan in place. I will not break ground until the design document passes muster, and I have the quintessential developers in place, and they fully understand what needs to be done, and I have the cash available to pay them. 

In regards to Kick Starters, I understand some people can succeed with these, ultimately they are a socialist idea based on promises and a huge waste of time and energy. At some point in time in the future, I will clearly lay out my plans, and you will place a bet on me. You will come to know who I am, what my character is, you will know my face and where I live, and I will ask you to bet on me. Kick Starters are overly complex, I'm only going to ask you to bet, or to take a gamble on me blindly. I will mitigate your gambling risk by already having completed a task and having made the payment myself to the programmer. I will provide tangential proof that I can deliver before asking for anything from you.

So to be clear, I will accomplish a task, pay the programmer myself, and then I will turn to the community and ask for donations to compensate me back. I will never ask for something without first providing it to you, I am not here to make a bunch of promises, but to sell you something I have actually made and that you can use and see for yourself. A Kick Starter can happen perhaps one day when leaving Beta, but until then my money goes where my mouth is, and I'm not asking for anything from anyone but ideas, and recommendations of a programmer to hire. 

 I'm also interesting in acquiring mentors for developers, similar to apprenticeship program in the Skilled Trades. If you are a highly skilled player modeler and animator, but you have a wife and kids and you are taking care of your parents and your life is very fully and busy, you can still help me, I can still find value in you. 5 minutes a day of your time can be used to mentor someone who is learning the process. I want to pair mentors with apprentices, this way less experienced map makers and modelers, animations, ect, can be coached to stay on track and avoid common pitfalls. When I give you a deadline, I will provide you with resources to ensure that you meet it. You will take the deadlines I give seriously, you will understand that when you work on this mod, what you are doing is trying to prevent Roam from forgetting how to make roads. 

The entire reason this mod exists is to demonstrate to the world that we are on the brink of losing a once understood art form, mod development. If we take a lackadaisical and aimless approach to development, we'll forget how to build roads, and without supply lines, we'll forget how to make concrete all the same. We are doing this to save gaming from itself, to remove Liberal and Marketing control over design, and to bring back all the lessons learned from HL1 and HL2, like communicating through the environment. 

In closing think about this, HL1 and HL2 taught us how to tell a story through the environment. This is a lost art, because by the time L4D shipped, the story was literally written on the fucking walls. L4D was a complete and total failure in terms of story telling, it chose to literally tell you the story through the environment, rather than to do it implicitly and subtly. So what did L4D do to correct the problem? They released a stupid comic. They did not learn from their mistakes. The knowledge of story telling through the environment was lost, just like how Rome lost their ways all the same. 

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Just now, blackdog said:

Morfeo and I are well impressed that people REGULARLY still coming up with this. You would have thought the mod was completely forgotten.

Thanks for the lols dear Samaritan.

Thanks for setting the bar so fucking high, my Lord. Do you have any idea how insurmountable this quest is? You people ruined gaming for me. It's like you gave out samples of real maple syrup, and then for the next 20 years all that was available was Aunt Jemima.

You know once the carousel starts moving, it ain't easy to jump on. You and Morfeo are no different than a great band that refuses to get back together. I wish you guys would realize, 5 minutes of your time is invaluable to me. Remaking The Specialists is important because it can hit #1 most played game on Steam, and we can actually prove to the world that almost all forms of game design is terrible. 

Btw, I call it "The Specialist 2, or Source" because it conveys a clear message. I'm not changing the name of Double Action, or stealing intellectual property of The Specialists. Some things are not public domain, and some things are immoral. 

Will you give me 5 minutes of your time, you and Morfeo? 


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2 hours ago, zastels said:

Will you give me 5 minutes of your time, you and Morfeo? 

Morfeo is busy as freelance developer, currently working on unannounced indie game projects. He's also working on his own projects, so you can support him by following the imminent release of Afterburn


and by buying his first Steam release: Furious Angels




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