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Future Junior Narrative Designer looking for feedback


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Hi Quest,

To me a portfolio is something that represents who you are. The way you showcase your work, shows a potential hiring manager how much effort you put into your work. Try to impress people within the first few seconds they enter your site. You could do this by perhaps; 

  • A small introduction of who you are, at the top of your home page.
  • Add visuals (pictures) to show-off your projects on the home page.

image.png.99aa7131361bcd3fccc29be23d54389e.png (example)

Think about the layout and how you present things. Would you find your own website interesting to read through? There is no shame in copying website layouts if it works. ?

  • For the project: WARP, the video is a WIX template. You might want to change that for some footage of the game..
  • I like that you added a "what went well" and "what went wrong" section. For the "what went wrong" section, I would expect to read why it went wrong and how you could had avoided these problems. This would show me that you have the ability/insight to solve these problems in the future. (Self)Reflection is a nice skill to have in any industry.
  • For my personal taste, your website is lacking some pictures and explanation of the work you did. I would remove the falling shapes as it distracts the reader from the actual important things on your site, your work.

As a last thing I would say that reading your responsibilities for each project, I would assume you were a level/mission designer with some art skills. Maybe I don't understand what a "junior narrative designer" entails, but I don't see many examples that shows your skills as a narrative designer (next to your fallout mod project).

image.png.d93d4938801070bc58105f6e16fd11b7.png (example)

Of course each company has their own vision on what a narrative designers roles are. Though I would assume is it someone who is able to naturally weave the narrative into the game.

Hopefully you found this useful. I wish you the best of luck!

Edited by Trinh Nguyen
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