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[CS:GO] Metro

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Hi everyone.
Firstly I designed this map in 2016 but this version is bad and after 2 years  i ve decided redesign this map.

Metro is hostage rescue scenario bases in Turkey. This map have 4 multiple levels. Some building designs is real and all location and subway line name is fake.

  I want to improve my map tactically with your help.  Thanks in advice.

Metro Workshop Page

Here some screenshot: 20190131150849_1.jpg.56d513ddcfd6c3fbab73ab14620af9f5.jpg20190131150911_1.jpg.a935fa6a625a3f2e19cec894e4e51e4e.jpg20190131151555_1.jpg.f860adeca117ed4bbb0bdd4ac5849c6d.jpg20190131151647_1.jpg.d28378eabf47fca990ae72911c455a37.jpg20190131152033_1.jpg.6f073cceb20af2e82ecaf2129875ade5.jpg20190131152307_1.jpg.0bcd3208e6304e87e6d5abeb4843f1d7.jpg20190131152553_1.jpg.acc83c970d5fb531799de04042d01872.jpg20190131152627_1.jpg.cee0d9627928004550c6366e13a125c8.jpg20190131152747_1.jpg.920190da478ace74c1bec87ece1846a8.jpg20190131152758_1.jpg.a28e057060fdcee4d10dfc4f20a15a85.jpgcs_metro_radar.jpg.42c9d7c45b72bdd357de6ab54166f025.jpg







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