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Trinh Nguyen - Level Design Student, looking for feedback

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Hey guys, I am relatively new regarding level design and thought of sharing my portfolio with you all! ->  https://www.trinhleveldesigner.com/ 

After my graduation, I am aiming for a starter position in the AAA industry! What do you think about my current portfolio? I am thinking about creating some more Unreal Tournament maps in my free time to enhance my portfolio! I am open for feedback and would love to know what you like and what you think could use some improvement, regarding my work and my portfolio site!

Thanks for helping out!


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Very very cool. 

This only thing to me that is not suepr clear about the project is if they are student projects or online community or whatever. 

The rest of it is super super nice, the descriptions, screenshots, work explanations. Good content. Keep it up and you'll get a job in the industry for sure ;) 


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That is a good point! Although what I am a bit afraid about, is that people might judge projects based on "if they were student projects/ personal projects or client projects". Of course I do all of my work with passion, regardless of the kind of project 😉. But if it gives more clarity, I will make sure it is clear what kind of projects they are!

Thank you for the feedback & the kind words 😄, I really appreciate it!  (I will update my website this week!)


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Your projects are great, only thing I would say would be to triple check the wording in your paragraphs and maybe reduce some of the text, or at least move it so the first thing your met with isn't a wall of text. An example being above the collection of videos on your home page you have:
The following projects are one of my most proudest pieces, through my level design career.

You'd want it to say The following are some of my proudest pieces that I have created during my level design career.

Just try and cut down your sentences as much as possible. It makes more grammatical sense and says the same thing but with less reading involved. To be fair that was the only one I spotted so might not be that big of a deal. Hope this helps :D 

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