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AfterLife Games is hiring several positions for a 3D Zombie Thriller Survival Game

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AfterLife Games is hiring several positions for a 3D Zombie Thriller Survival Game. [Royalty Paid Contract]

AfterLife Games is developing a 3D Zombie Survival Game, called Tears of the Dead; Rise of the Plague, in the Unreal 4 Engine. You will be paid by a Royalty Contract.

We decided to break the game up into 4 chapters due to us being unfunded at the moment, and on a royalty based contract to help get the money rolling in before we switch to full paid job.

Royalty Contract: You will be paid based on what you put into the finished product, which is taken from how much we make from it.

Tears of the Dead; Rise of the Plague:

Tears of the Dead is setup in the near future, in a Fictitious State. Containing Towns, Coastal Views, and Mountainous Terrains. The area has just been devastated by a Zombie Outbreak. You must avoid Zombies when you can’t defeat them, or do whatever it takes to either slow them down or kill them. You must do all of this while gaining skills to survive a world that is no longer civil or humane. Build Shelters, hunt or gather food, purify water as you must maintain thirst and hunger levels.

The game-play is influenced by games such as Elder Scrolls, FallOut, and Rust just to name a few.


We have over several active people on our roster, and are looking to expand in these fields.

·         Animators

·         Level Designers

·         Modelers

·         Riggers

·         Programmers

·         Character Modelers

·         Particle FX specialist

·         Sound Effects Specialist


AfterLife Games is flexible for work hours, and we understand that while we aren't paying you up front, and is instead a pay on release system, that you may have other obligations, and focus in your life.

For more information, please feel free to check out several sites which we post our dev blogs on, as well as our website(WIP).

Website: “Coming Soon”

Devblog: “Coming Soon”

You can also feel free to join our public Discord Channel: “Coming Soon”

Any questions, or inquiries will be answered below, or you may join our discord channel and ask us directly there.

If you're interested in joining, we may set up a meeting to further discuss our expectations, the job you'll be doing, and answer any further questions you may have.

Please send all applications to: [email protected]


Application Form Link -https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PnjeCRbqS8H6v9-JQ8nxn_mhiqIUnuR3/view

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