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[CS:GO] de_Countdown


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I've had this project on and off for a long while. The theme is a non-descript location military compound that houses a missile. The T-spawn is near a busted toll booth near a checkpoint. CT spawn is in an unloading warehouse near an airstrip. Bombsite B features a missile silo, bombsite A features a fuel line. I've filled a few areas with small decoration just to get the idea rolling. Any suggestions for further theme development or tips are appreciated! It's currently in gray box phase, the basic map geometry is laid out with minor adjustments to-be-added after playtesting.

Imgur Album: Ingame pictures & Radar

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Good work already I can defenitly see where this is going already. You should get this playtested. 

The bombsites can use some more love since they indentify the theme mostly. Bombsite B feels abit odd to just have this hole in the ground with a rocket sticking out. The area can use some more logic even when it's only a graybox. Also there can be slightly more cover on the site since there is only the rocket. I would suggest to make it like a real platform with two levels. Level 0 can be unaccesable area (however double layer design can be interesting for gameplay), but you are able to see the rocket and etc, have some background detailing. Level 1 can be the actual bombsite as you have it right now. Maybe add some cranes and stuff to put the rocket in position:



Bombsite A feels a litle cramped and boring. Maybe you can make it abit more interesting. I don't think it would hurt to make the whole area (and also the bombsite) abit bigger. Maybe try to work with some more height difference aswell. I think you could reduce the boxes and add some more natural cover/things to fill up the area (same counts for bombsite B, the trash containers are a litle out of place). I think you should minimise it and only add more stuff if playtests tell you. 

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Okay after a brief run through of this map I found it to be very empty and it feels like there are infinite numbers of super long sightlines. The spawn areas are super aggressively clipped and misleading. The map was very hard to wrap my head around because everything felt same-y. I recommend using reference photos to create rough brushwork that can really define areas, or even possibly change the way they play if you so choose. The height variations were something good ?

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