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Map marketplace, are there any?

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I would be cool if there was a marketplace that sold basic licenses of a map. 

but to make beginning work on such a basic license map worth while you'd need like 10+ pre orders. 

for that you'd have to post a brief description of next project you're looking to sell and maybe add some rough sketches. 

you could offer personalized tweaking for additional cost (hourly rate). 

Second format I'd be interested in: 

What I would like to do is custom order a non exclusive map. so commission someone and pay a premium for the very first basic license of a product that is more tailored to my needs but that others might see see value in and buy a license of. 

a more lengthy explanation here:  


so I'd pay maybe 35% of what it would cost to commission an exclusive piece, but only receive a basic license, such that you can still sell it for like 10% what it would cost as an exclusive piece. 

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