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[CS:GO] De_Roswell (WIP)

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Hey everyone, amateur level designer here.

Been piecing together a defusal map after learning the ropes of CS:GO's meta (at least to a rudimentary level) and its level editor tools thanks to TopHATTWaffle YouTube tutorials.

I've been lurking on the MapCore discord for too long so I'm keen to try a constructive playtest soon. More screenshots featured on the workshop page:

Steam Workshop Link

Would love to hear feedback from the pros :) 

"Terrorists wish to cause an incident at the site of Earth's first extra-terrestrial visitors in Roswell to create international, maybe even intergalactic, tension and conflict. It's up to you to stop this from happening!"



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Hello again everyone! 

After the first round of feedback from the Discord playtest I've toiled away at the map's current weaknesses.

Once again I would love to hear your comments and criticisms so I will be pursuing another playtest with you fine folks


  • Widened the overall map
  • Adjusted CT spawn
  • Added safe rotation route for CTs
  • Slightly rotated B site
  • Redesigned Mid with fewer entrances/exits
  • Removed the 2 alternative flanking routes into A site
  • Redesigned B long
  • Day lighting (temporary)

Workshop Link


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Hello folks, 

I've done a third round of iteration on De_Roswell and now I'm looking for more scrutiny on the bomb sites themselves.

Would love to hear what everybody thinks!

Workshop link 


  • Added A connector from Mid
  • Reformatted CT spawn layout with tighter angles to A site and B site
  • Reformatted Long B with tighter angles from T spawn
  • More cover at B site
  • Redesigned Mid to be more than 2 sniper lanes
  • Reformatted A path from T spawn to not cover so many angles
  • CTs can no longer climb out of B site Barn



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Hello again folks!

I've been quietly working away at De_Roswell's latest pass in between shipping Man of Medan for release on the 30th Aug.

Still eager to hear what folks have to say!

Workshop Link


  • Added vent route into A site for Ts to avoid choke
  • Switched Barn side entrance to be closer to Mid from B route to be more visible for successful Ts
  • Blockout art pass
  • Updated radar with Terri's TAR generator program (Massive thank you!)

Radar Thumbnail_Wide.jpg

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Many of the areas on this map feel right in terms of scale and flow. They seem well thought out and don't feel overly cramped or open. There are a few that don't feel right though:

-Mid feels like a flat plane with a random assortment of cover, and is not particularly interesting. I would suggest adding more height variation, and avoiding adding discrete cover unless necessary. For example, an area along the B side wall can be lifted to create a small loft that runs through the barn and is isolated from the rest of it except one of two window like areas. Maybe the barn houses a doomsday weapon that acts as central cover and pokes out of a hole in the roof allowing for nades. There are options.

-The connector to B is problematic in its extremely open entrance on to the site, because any player lucky enough to reach it is met with a multitude of headpeeks as soon as they round the corner. This is where cover would help by adding more than one way to peek. Maybe redesign the way it approaches the site altogether?

-My last piece of advice regarding gameplay is to add more nade opportunities to A. At least make the windows breakable!

-The bunker in CT spawn is awesome, so it is somewhat of a disappointment that it is not really used for anything.

-Sticking to a stricter color palette in many areas of your map would make it look much better. I feel as if A would already be well on its way if you removed the glaring red and blue cover elements and replaced them with more similarly colored cover that made sense for the theme. 

-You might want to invest some time into making a 3d skybox so T spawn doesn't seem like it is floating.

I would say the scale is there, but some shapes need changing. Also, your map would probably benefit from an iterative art approach. This way you will end up with a map that is more consistent throughout, and protect yourself more against making lots of tiny props and having to redo areas because they don't work with eachother. Of course you will have to redo areas and try a few ideas to find what works best for the art pass. Looking good so far.

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Thank you for all your feedback pal, it's really appreciated!

- I can certainly add a bit more height variance within reason. The assortment of cover is destined to be milking pens for cows (useful for Ts to bunnyhop and get another angle for cooperating), still exploring ideas for what the other freeform cover is going to be

- The B connector into the barn from the choke, or from Mid? Can you clarify which head peaks as well as I didn't find any in previous playtests.

- I could make the windows at B site's barn breakable for Ts. The ceilings in both bathrooms and lounge (Ts route to A site) both feature ceiling windows to throw a smoke into A site's sniper perch, but not the entrance into A site itself

- I'm glad you like Bunker! It's intended to be a safer CT rotation route that can also be clambered over. If needs be, I can rotate the stairs into bunker from being 90' degrees parallel to 45' degrees facing either bombsite for ease of legibility. Thoughts?

- The blue and red cover elements being the generator and the garage-like tools storage? Those I can fiddle with but I'm glad you brought it to my attention

- That's the plan with the skybox! Just focused on the playable space recently, the OOB area will be dolled up too

Once again, thank you for your kind words, reassuring to say the least :)

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Hey folks, I've wrapped up De_Roswell for now after an initial art, audio, lighting, and optimisation pass until I can locate an artist willing to help out with custom art assets.

Would still love to hear all of your feedback should you find the time!

Workshop Link


  • Lighting Pass
  • Optimisaiton Pass
  • Audio Pass
  • Curved Stairs at CT Spawn for ease of navigation
  • BUGFIX: Projector no longer falls of its shelf and can potentially occlude bomb placements from Ts
  • Placed Rubble beneath CT drop into Mid to offer better navigation
  • Moved T-Lounge radiator to another wall to avoid unfair angles for CT to abuse
  • Lowered bunker shelf heights to step up height to avoid clipping issues
  • Added displacements to terrain
  • Added T-side grenade bounce into Barn/B-Site
  • BUGFIX: Added an extra CT Spawn
  • BUGFIX: Fixed collision issues allowing players to escape out of the map through a window
  • Updated Radar

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