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[CS:GO][Wingman] De_Quaint

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My map De_Quaint is now finished and submitted to the /r/csmapmakers 2018 wingman contest.

You can find it on the workshop here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1588494723

I'm a fan of the layout, but this is the first time I've tried to detail a level to a high quality. I developed this for both the competition and as the first half of my final year project for university. I'd really appreciate any advice I could get for how I could improve my detailing. Thanks!

T Spawn


T Long


T Lower


CT Stairs


CT Spawn


CT Bridge


T Bridge


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Wow, there are some terrible drivers in that village! 🤣

I can't run around in the level at the moment so I'm just going by the screenshots which all seem to be taken from an oddly high vantage point, but I'd say it seems visually a little cluttered. I think this is a problem with your thematic rather than your use of props. There's just too many stories going on, what with the crashed cars, the beached boat, the broken bridge, etc. The 3D skybox is very stark by contrast, and also looks like Italian hills whilst the level itself looks more like an English or French village.

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Glad you can tell its an English village. Some of the earliest feedback I got was that it was set in France so I reworked all the buildings and spent the last few weeks glued to reference images. I had to cheap out on a few of the elements I would have liked to add. The 3D skybox is ripped from the new inferno with altered textures and the trees being moved around abit to better line up with my map. I started making my own one but just couldn't get it to feel right with the time I had left.

I was planning on adding custom signage like street names ect. to fully sell it being set in the UK, not adding them was partly time but mostly my luck when it comes to packaging my maps in the past and textures just not working for people. Would have hated to see my map suffer from my incompetence when using VIDE :D

Cars being all over the place was all I could think of that'd work when transitioning from BSP to detail to block off the same areas on my main road. Really early versions went for the classic really high wooden walls to block vision but were later reworked into some questionably placed houses / the crashed cement mixer.

I agree with the comment about the dodgy drivers. The cement mixer fit too well with the area I needed to block not to be used and then allowed me to use cement in place of my BSP crates. CTs being crashed through the wall was added because I've never really understood why when the CTs have these armoured tanks they arrive in, they never just drive those into the bombsite. Also I just thought it'd be funny.


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Good job man. I thought the name rang a bell and looking better at the screens I recognise the map from Fmpone’s streams, when was a grey box.

Can only agree with the above as it’s a bit cluttered, a bit strange as too many things going on, maybe after the contest you can polish up a bit more and find alternative solutions. Regarding the France setting, when just skimming through I must say the river area made me think of de_abbey so I had the first impression the setting was similar. I think also the warmer colours. Feels a bit colder light might be more UK.

Otherwise really good job in getting it to a final, shippable stage.

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