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[CS:GO] Golden

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A new update is out!

Here are some of the changes:

-Reworked B-site
-New A-plattform
-Tweaked connector between mid, B-site and church.
-Some cosmetic changes made
-Minor fixes and tweaks

The most notable changes made are to the B-site. The angles are now cleaner and the site is more robust than before with a clear theme.

Try it out and let me know what you think!





New B-site


New A-plattform


Changes to middle


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The new radar is much better than the old one, thanks for that! The clipping is also a lot better.

Performance is good all around for me, with the only significant fps drop being on B site looking towards mid.
I like the change of the building on B so it can no longer be looked over by CTs. 
I am looking forward to testing the map and seeing how it plays in the coming weeks!

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Glad you like the changes!

I agree with the performance part, I did put alot of effort into the optimization and it works out well in pretty much the whole map except for the spot you mention. The layout around middle doesn't make it easy to optimize, trying some different things to improve it even more. 

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The new update is getting closer! 

It's great that so many seems to enjoy the map on the hub and I once again want to thank everyone for the feedback on the map which has helped me alot. 

It's been an amazing experience for me and a bit unexpected since It's my first project in mapping.

The update will be out in the end of this week if everything goes as planned. I will make the change notes more specific when the update is online.

The update will mainly include:

▪A new refined B-site with the intention of making it less chaotic and more intuitive.

▪Better performance which has taken the majority of the working hours.

▪Improved visibility and lighting.

▪Added and adjusted cover in some spots for cleaner utility usage and more strategical options.

▪Minor changes to detailing.

I would also like to reach out to someone who would be willing to model the church tower since It's costly for the engine to render. If there is anything I can do in return just let me know.

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Just uploaded the first version of Golden since July. Been doing a complete overhaul of the map visually and also added some gameplay elements.

Several new custom textures and some new models aswell.

Here's a summary of the changes made:

-Major visual rework
-New 3d skybox
-Added a drop in second mid
-Added cover for safeplant on B
-Raised the tree for cleaner gameplay and visibility around the courtyard.
-Improvements to optimization
-Boosted the lighting in the metro area
-Several minor changes throughout

Have a look and please let me know what you think!






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Edit: I forgot Setting 4 (it basically looks like setting 3 but the color is more like the original)

I really like your map. Well made! :D


What I noticed is the bad lighted / shadowed trees like this one:


You can easily improve that. By change the Ignore Surface Normal to yes, Disable  Shadows to No and Disable Self-Shadowing to No.

Here is a comparison:


For me setting 2 one looks best. It still got a great color and nice shadows. After that comes Setting 4. S3 is too bright and S1 too dark.

The Treelines could also need this. But not all. Only those who got the sun in the back and from the side. Those who face to the sunlight could look better with setting 1.


Here is a scene from my skybox to show you the difference more clearly. They got the sun in the back.


Those Trees are also looking better with Setting 2:


Only with this setting they don't look that much like cards.

I hope I could help. :)


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I forgot setting 4

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