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[CoD: BO3] Hydro Remastered

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I decided to spend the long thanksgiving weekend "remastering" an old Black Ops 2 map, Hydro.

I liked this map for the dynamic element with the water that essentially split the map into its respective symmetrical half. Most of the remastered maps or maps that are remade from previous CoD's are just reskins and haven't really had any changes done to them. I wanted to change that by taking the base layout, adding more areas and adding support for advanced movement.

Learning goals:

  • Line of sight
  • Proper cover placement to prevent turning a corner and instantly dying
  • Level flow / combat zones
  • Adding support for advanced movement while keeping the movement fluid in those areas

In some of the pictures, you may notice different colors. White are walls/floors/ceilings in which the player cannot go through (or double jump over, etc). Yellow is where they can mantle over or double jump to, purple is wall running, and red is cover (can be replaced with models or props). There are a few areas which I forgot to color yellow, but any time you see me double jump to a place, just imagine that its yellow :)


Just uploaded to the steam workshop in case anyone wants to play it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1576212254

Feedback and criticism VERY welcome! Also, check out my portfolio here: http://nickverducci.com/










Here is a recent video I recorded of a full TDM match. I will be uploading some of my earlier tests with previous iterations later, so check back!



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