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[UE4] Darksiders 3 Art Dump

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I'm having a great time so far, I'm fresh off of Hollow Knight so I'm primed for another good metroidvania. So far it feels like it's scratching that itch.聽The environments have a really nice look to them - it's so cool to see the Darksiders art direction in UE4. There's so many bits of subtle microdetails that you didn't get in the old Vigil Darksiders engine. I only wish there was a photo mode聽馃榿

Congrats on the release!

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Fantastic job and super inspiring art. Thanks for sharing it ! :)

I played the game during the Xmas holidays and I really enjoyed it.
Art -wise I loved how you guys managed to retain the look and feel of the first 2 games (also building upon it).
My favorite area is definitely the "Heaven": I loved the look of those bulky tree roots and branches.

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