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[CS:GO] de_village

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The map Village is a classic 5v5 defuse map. It's set in an overgrown medieval village.
"Terrorists decided to attack the local village, one of the unique, best preserved medieval monument, to show their disagreement with new government's policy!"



Almaas- Level Designer | Detailer | Texture designer

RedSkittleFox - Level Designer | Detailer | Modeler

Super Dirt - Moral support


Special thanks to:

James for providing us with some custom models.

jd40 for early playtesting and feedback.

Trevor - for helping with the layout and giving important feedback.

Oliver - For letting us use some of his custom assets.

Mapcore Community for hosting playtesting and feedback.


Please leave your feedback!

Post some ideas and report bugs here.

Post your overall experience in a comment.

Thanks for reading and playing 😄










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Looks interesting! So make sure to have a good story for the map, like why and what is the terrorists blowing up. I see similar themed maps, but they're lacking exactly this

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Looks promising so far! But there are a couple of things you should change in my opinion:

- Gameplay looks really interesting. Some pretty cool angles, routes etc. But maybe it's too complex already. Don't add more routes. Try to simplify by removing what you don't need.

- Some very high shooting ranges (e.g. I1 to L15 on your overview)

- The ground has pretty much the same height level everywhere (except some ramps, bridges etc.). This makes the map look unrealistic. Add some slight height variation to make it look less flat. Preferably with displacements.

- There are many 90° angles (overview!). This looks too constructed imo and the player also has to check many corners. Try to add more diagonals. Catfood's de_ruby is a good example on how to do it right (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1364646330&searchtext=ruby). But this requires some decent knowledge about the Source engine (func_instances, func_detail, VVIS, ...). Don't know how familiar you are with it already.

- Some areas/routes are too narrow in my opinion. For example where there are the log piles and pillars on screenshot 1

But all in all I like it. :) Keep it up!

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