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[WIP] Roca


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After months of lurking I would like to uncover de_Roca, a wingman map that takes you to the small town of Rocamadour France. This map is breaking into later stages of development and any feed back is greatly appreciated. This map would not have been possible without models made by @grapen for de_Scepter.

Link to find it on the Steam Workshop. (Warning: I've been too lazy to implement an overview, I'll get to it once I get closer to release)

Here are some screenshots of the map.

Screenshot (29).png

And a quick overview that I threw together.

Screenshot (41).png

Again, feedback is greatly appreciated.

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5 hours ago, Roald said:

Looking pretty! Havent checked the layout

Its only a bit dark with hard shadows. Brighten up the shadows of the light_enviorment to like 200 and perhaps make it more blue/purpleish

@Roald sounds good, some of my friends said that the bright shadows make the map look alien but I'll experiment with it.

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This week I spent a lot of time working on the map, and I'd say that basically every single area has now gone through its first detail pass.


I absolutely love how CT spawn is turning out right now.

Here's another screen of the map (Unfortunately it is of lower quality because I am limited to uploading a total of 5 mb)


That door on the right seems to be not be uploading to the workshop properly, hopefully I'll find a fix soon.

As always, feedback of any kind is greatly appreciated.

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@text_fish, yeah its supposed to be a cliff (if you look up irl pictures of Rocamadour you can see what I'm trying to do) so far that texture is the only one I've been able to find that doesn't look to repetitive and fits the rest of the maps aesthetic. If you (or anybody else for that matter) happen to know of any other textures already in CSGO or on other services that could fit then I will be sure to try and fit it onto on the cliff, but for now, this is the best I can do.

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Valve's stock cliff textures aren't very good so my advice would be to make some of your own. If you're new to texture creation a good way to learn the basics is to download a few images from textures.com (go for the seamless ones if you're not comfortable editing them yourself) and use Yanzl's VMT editor to turn them in to CSGO materials.

Once you've got a couple cliff materials you like the look of you can use VMT editor again to make a blend material, then use the Paint Alpha tool to blend the two textures in hammer, which will really help reduce the repetitiveness. 

You can begin to learn more about materials here, although the VDC isn't kept completely up to date so be wary of using the software they sometimes recommend, and if in doubt google.

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This week I did not have as much time to work on the map; however, I was able to fix all of the issues/problems with the map, including making a new texture for the cliff face!


I am planning on doing a playtest of the map on November 23rd, so if you live in North America and are interested please add me on steam! (Same username and profile picture)

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