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[Unpaid] Mappers needed for a HL2 mod.

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Hi, I’m brendaymn experienced animator and lead dev on VANCE, an alternate reality take on Half-Life 2 where Gordon Freeman is nowhere to be found, and Alyx Vance takes his place. A lot of progress has already been made on this mod, and the only development roles left to look for are a dedicated programmer, and mappers.

This is an early gameplay trailer showcasing new Artificial Intelligence, as well as some new aesthetic and gameplay features. 
I have an extremely talented writer who is revising our script for the mod’s story events, and I have a few modelers who have begun work in their fields as well.
Early progress of a new HEV suit design.

I need mappers who can effectively create combat and exploration and incorporate it into their levels. Knowledge of scripting would be nice as well.

I have a lot planned for this mod, and I’d really appreciate the help. If you're interested, add me on discord through my server with some examples of your work, or just to ask questions.


Thanks in adVance.




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