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First go at modeling - Ford Mustang [WIP]


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Well I finally took the plunge and actually sunk a bit of time into max (watched a few tuts etc) and then started this model after watching a car tutorial from 3dpalace (nice tuts there to get me started, the one I watched was "Modeling an Audi" or similar).

My main question right now is when do I need to split up faces? Like, say I cut into a face using the vertex cut tool to create a hole for the headlight, it leaves a hole in the polygon, but there is only one edge connecting the hole to the rest of the adjacent edges/polys. When should I add extra edges and when should I just leave it as is? If I'm not explaining this very well, just tell me. Anyway.. I'm quite pleased with this thus far considering the blueprints don't line up correctly and I can't find any decent images of the particular model (this one has a strange grille amongst other things that aren't evident in most mustang pics).



Also, how in God's name do I get rid of the material I accidentally applied to the car? D: Cheers

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looks good actually

as for splitting up faces... on the headlights, each one of the vertices on the outside edge of the circle is going to connect to the plane when it converts to polys anyway, so just connect them all in a nice pattern to make stuff look good. like:


or something

as for removing materials, i have no idea. there is a hotkey somewhere i think.. or a button in material browser

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Thanks for the tips and feedback, I'll post more when I get time. It's sunbathing weather here for once (Scotland) so I'm trying to make the most of it :D

About the polys, I'm not sure. Last time I looked it was sitting at about 400 or so. I've only really detailed the front of the car, the rest is just a basic shape.

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Slight update. Added in some placeholder wheels and I've reshaped the bodywork quite a lot (principally around the wings and edge joining the bonnet to the side panels). I finally found a picture of the correct model, and the bluperints really don't convey the shape of the car very well, so I've had to do a bit of adjustment and guesswork.


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