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One Choice (csgo walking simulator)

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Can't play this. It crashes after a few seconds in the car.

EDIT: nevermind, changed windowed fullscreen to fullscreen and it works. That was rather short, but interesting.

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14 minutes ago, baem123 said:

very nice! i still dont know how such maps are done.
2 or 3 more riddles would have been nice.
i guess once you have done all this work, it would be relatively easy to extend the story.

Thanks for kind words!

I had so many problems with this map. Hope everything is fixed, but because of that I'm done with Source.

Also not too much people are interested about maps like that in csgo (only 28 views on workshop lol).

I think I'm gonna learn UE4 and try create some single player games.

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well you have to get lucky with the workshop.
2 maps that are both well done can get 40 or 40000 downloads.

i'm surprised you are done with Source, now that you know how everything works.
If you are extending the story, reupload the map and advertise on reddit it might get a lot of views.
Maybe you could be needed in the police department as a witness, but suddenly you would be suspected, too...

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Finally checked this out. Overall, it's pretty well done scripting-wise, but I think it's lacking something in the story department. Some clues are given of what has happened (or could have happened), but as a player you still feel a bit detached. It's not obvious what you're supposed to do or look out for.
Without giving away any spoilers, I liked the beginning the most, it's very well executed and sets the mood nicely.


The middle is the weakest part, imo. It's not very obvious what you're looking for and there are no puzzles/clues/whatever to be found. Unless I missed them, which kind of means they're not obvious enough.

I think the final part lifts it up again a bit, although it's directly dependant on the suspense built up before.

Overall, great job and very well done! It's a nice change from the usual CSGO stuff :)

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