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The Witcher - Netflix TV Show

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As rumoured more than one year ago (@[HP]) and then confirmed, The Witcher is getting a TV show treatment by Netflix.

The first casting has been announced, IGN just broke news that Cavill will be the main protagonist:


(not sure why YT doesn’t allow linking to these posts)

Fire away your thoughts/expectations!

i haven’t played any of the games yet, but in the excitement for TW3 looking so awesome in trailers I had bought the previous titles when they got discounted 😅

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Watched the first three episodes and being uber tired doesn't help... but also my partner is saying she's not understanding anything about the show.

I mean I got a few bits but the plots feel as apart as ever rather than converging. I hope it'll make sense by the end, cos I'm not going back and rewatch from the beginning just to get the full of it.

Feels like a discount version of GoT where they needed to get some action right off the bat instead of building the characters.

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