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WIP Level Design Final


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This is my final so far for level design. its based off of Rivendell from Lord of the Rings. I still have to work out details like making buildings less square and more interesting. No textures have been created, and NOTHING has been textured so far except for the trees and waterfalls. Lighting is not final. This is a CTF level and will be mirrored when the project is done. I'm responsible for everything except for the inside of the giant building. Enjoy.








Tree Model:


Added Low Polytreeline:



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One more thing, some areas seem very dark / almost black. Not sure what it looks like ingame but I'd brighten it up a liiiiittle bit, just so you dont have those really dark spots in the map. Don't destroy the nice contrast you have while doing it, just slightly brighten it up.

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I would use custom textures when you start texturing and also lots of wood to make it more peacefull and friendlyer

When youre done we wont see the edge of the terrain anymore right ?:P

Light really needs a lot of work but you said so

Colored team lighting is the absolute worst thing you could possibly do to a map like this

Your smoothing groups are possibly messed up because you assigned no smoothing groups in max, if a model has no group assigned to a face UED will asign it to group 1 and thus might end up smoothing the whole thing

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I don't know how much work you put into the terrain so far, but I would make it a lot wider and higher, to get the valley feeling. Then players also won't just look into big emptiness/in the sky.

It's an interesting theme and looks perfect for a deathmatch map to me, why CTF?

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