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William E.

William E. // Composer & Sound Designer

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William E. // Composer & Sound Designer

Hi, I'm Alex, a Germany-based media composer with focus on video game music and sound design and I'm currently seeking for new projects. I made music and sound effects for various mobile titles such as "SloFall", "Paintdrop" and "Cubby Rush" as well as console and PC game soundtracks ("Reverie" - PS Vita/PS4, "Ascent" (Xbox/PS4/tba). There are many styles I can compose music for you, for example electronica, orchestral music, chiptune, acoustic band instruments, or a combination of any of these.

Find more information on my portfolio website: http://www.williamequal.com


Music & Sound Effects Reel

Music Reel: https://williamequal.bandcamp.com/album/works-2015-2017

Sound Effects Reel: https://soundcloud.com/william-e/sound-effects-reel-may-2015



"Reverie" (PS Vita / PS4 / tba // music&sfx) - https://williamequal.bandcamp.com/album/reverie-ost

"ASCENT" (XBO / PS4 / tba // music) - https://williamequal.bandcamp.com/album/current-works-for-ascent

"SloFall" (Android / Windows Phone // music) - https://william-e.bandcamp.com/album/slofall-ost

"Various Pieces For Video Games (B-Sides) - https://william-e.bandcamp.com/album/various-pieces-for-video-games



Reverie - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2d2ceHFJfas

SloFall - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBTrQau56h0&feature=youtu.be


Offers & Rates

Introductory Package 
1 Song (up to 3 min) Up to 4 Sound effects: 50 €

Please ask for individual rates for larger scale soundtracks!
I'm looking forword to work with you!

William E.
Email:[email protected]
Portfolio: http://www.williamequal.com

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