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[Wingman] Station

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On 11/29/2018 at 3:44 PM, blackdog said:

Not sure how they are supposed to use the loading area/bay in the second shot, since it鈥檚 fenced off 馃槵 but all looks great!

Keep it up!

You can't see this, but where the picture is taken from there is a road leading away from the map

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袗nd again a couple of screenshots from the map.
Now, you can play on the map!


We understand that the map is not still ready 聽to the visual ideal.
We will try to release updates as they become available. In the near future, updates will be almost every day.
We would appreciate feedback and search for bugs and glitches.
Thank you!聽



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Woop woop! for me its the first time a CS:GO map 'gets to use', so thats pretty cool!

Morozov and I have thought about some major changes in layout and looks, but stuff got in between like the mapcore contest for an example, so we leave that for later and hope to gain some feedback on this map and hope you guys enjoy it!

If you havent checked it out yet ingame or are to lazy, here is a review by SlickShotGames:聽

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