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Help with Java programming


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I have this java programming project in school and one of the things my program must be capable of doing is to save info from an ArrayList to a TXT file and vice versa.

I'm kinda noobish at this stuff so if anyone has experience in java programming, could you give me a hand and perhaps send me an example of how it's done?


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Oh OL i have some more specific questions!

I used Javascript to pop-up some new windows (larger versions of screenshots) and to make icons brighter when people hover their mouse over it. When i open the site in internet explodor though, it starts complaining about how my site can harm your computer because activex content can do damage or something silly. Now obviously my site doesn't do anything bad but still i want to get rid of that. Is there something i can do about it? Do those things without having to use javascript? Or convince iexplore that i'm not someone evil?

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