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Doom Eternal


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Played it for a couple hours last night.
Holy shit... the game looks so good and so smooth while running at 120fps on my machine, all maxed out at 1440p.
I don't know what kind of wizardry they did with that engine, but it's really impressive and a technical marvel.

Gameplay so far feels very identical to Doom 2016. Although it seems like they're using the environment a lot more this time around, as in, more platforming, more exploration, more secrets to find. Cant wait to see what else the game has in store, so far I'm very impressed. 

They nailed the scale too, seeing those skyscraper sized creatures walking in the background is dope, and apparently it gets better in the later levels.

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2 hours ago, Radu said:

Why is that?

I just can't get into it. I'm not enjoying all the super mario platforming, the story I've got no idea what's going on and who people are and why there are so many cutscenes. I just quit out of frustration through running out of ammo. "uPgRadE yOuR sTuFf" Ok, but I wanna shoot dudes, not play an RPG - there's so much stuff to upgrade. Dooms about the killing and im not having fun. I'll keep going but I'm a bit disappointed, it all looked so cool in the trailers :( Cool if other's are having a blast glad they like it, it's very well put together but I'm just nah atm.

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I do agree with you in regards to some of the RPG like elements of the game, I'm not gonna say they don't belong in a game like this, they can be done right, in Doom 2016 they were there but it wasn't too annoying. In Eternal it seems they got a little bit carried away with that, and I can see the motivation behind, they know people find progression addictive and it's another reason to come back and boot up the game again, but it does feel shoehorned.

I'm personally willing to overlook it tho, really enjoying the level exploration and the combat.

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Combat can get a bit sloppy, at least on ultra violence, and yeah the upgrade stuff is over done. What is it, 4 different upgrade tokens, I think I only just now after 6 hours got a handle on what each of them is for. It's also lot of marginal situational upgrade stuff that isn't really exciting, just a small bonus attached to some occasional event. I tend to forget about most of the weapon mods too. Levels are also not quite as labyrinthine as Doom 2016 but I could be misremembering.

It's good fun otherwise. I'm not crazy about some of the environments that don't really feel "DOOM"ish but I get they probably need to go somewhere else with it. Earth is cool at least.

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Having a great time so far with this but

- the story... wat? very confusing presentation

- all the upgrade systems and currencies jeebus

- fortress of doom layout is a goddamn maze lmao

- teleporting to/from locations willy-nilly (storywise) makes the adventure feel a bit less adventerous, if that makes sense

overall these are nitpicks doe, except maybe the story which could've been told waaaaaay more elegantly
also i love da main menu theme, it's fucking stuck now 😍

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I'm really enjoying the expanded lore, but I will admit all the names are confusing at times. 

Gameplay wise, I'm having mixed feelings. On one hand, I like what they've done with the glory kills and resources, but I feel like there's too much reliance on these mechanics. It's definitely not your classic shooter and I can't really fault them for going in this direction. The carnage and challenge with some of the arenas are awesome. Though, I find some moments where I want to shoot the enemies and expect them to not stagger and just die.

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