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Doom Eternal

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On 3/15/2020 at 1:48 PM, dux said:

So from sounds of it, seems like it was bit of a shitty podcast.


7 hours ago, [HP] said:

Not because of Hugo tho, Joe really missed the mark on this episode, a bit of a shame tbh...

Yeah but I mean, he’s not a gaming personality or expert by any mean, so… I think it’s interesting to see the personal side of a game personality. Surely wasn’t informative, but was entertaining at times.

Also the “i was an artist on a Mac [so I couldn’t play I’d software games]” is a poor excuse on Hugo’s part 😜 Id were among the first to distribute cross platform, plus Carmack used Apple computers to code at the beginning I’m pretty sure, at least the Next.

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All Joe used to go on about was how much he was "addicted" to quake. How he had a t1 line installed to play it online. He liked to paint a picture of him being a big gamer guy back in the day. He's had John Carmack on before and that was a great podcast. This one though? I dunno what was up, but he doesn't need to be a gaming personality to not be a knob to Hugo who was obviously excited and nervous to be there, he is a fan of JRE after all.

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