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Doom Eternal


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  • 1 month later...

I just purchased doom 2016 to "support" Bethesda. There are a few things that don't look too great about Doom Eternal.

    The original game already had relatively conflicting colors in areas like argent tower (green lights with reds and metal). This worked to benefit the theme. The UI, however was low key and unintrusive. It was purely informational while not looking out of place. Doom eternal's UI looks like it was taken out of an arcade clown game. I am not sure why they even felt the need to change it, but these things really break the immersion in games and (in my opinion) are annoying to look at the whole game. The devs said it would be necessary because if the UI was unreadable the player could die in seconds (bruh). They are so out of touch that I'm starting to think games would be better if the leads making autonomous executive decisions about them didn't exist, and things were truly decided by everyone. Of course this is a shot in the dark and I am only assuming that decisions were made by a small handful of people based on what I see.


  Also, most people who played doom 2016 probably know what I mean when I say there was an ominous atmosphere in between fighting, as well as a sense of desolation in some areas. Judging from the gameplay of the new doom, it looks very arcade style and doesn't take itself seriously. In fact it reminds me of a quake level. Why does hell have boost pads? I feel like there were far more elegant ways to implement these things (like a hell-geyzer that shoots you upwards with gas). The whole atmosphere seems to have changed for the worse:


I am not insinuating that doom eternal has to be the same game with different levels, but there are some things worth keeping. Sure add new mechanics, new areas, new creatures, continue story. But don't make the game look like some GOT set. Its about ripping and tearing, not elegant castles and civilizations. I think that betraying the previous game thematically makes for a bad sequel. Even from watching trailer, everything has an overly crisp, corny feel, and the hell levels are overdone with too much blood and entrail walls to make a visually unique level. 

Everything feels blown out of proportion and the game seems to have lost any subtlety. As another example, if remained unchanged, enemies will shoot out green armor (?) bricks when you shoot them. Yeah, its bad. I could talk about other gimmicky shit like wall climbing but this is already going on too long...They should focused on continuing the story and enhancing gameplay instead of cramming in some extreme environments for the fuck of it. One level looks straight out of halo, the other is a meaty bloodbath, and then there is that... thing ^^^^^



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Sorta on topic,

I recently bought Doom II on Switch for $5 because WTF I am in the mood for Doom while taking a dump.  

Pure rubbish. Game is constantly disconnecting from Bethesda.net and is un-fucking-playable.

Pure shit.


..........and then they patched it. All is well.

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@Interfearance The color palette we're seeing in the teasers so far also struck me at first, but let's trust the experts on that. They made DOOM 2016 into what it is now so they obviously know what they're doing.

A critique that sequels often get is that they're repetitive, formulaic etc... we should probably encourage and appreciate creativity here. They broke new grounds with the first game, let's let them break *newer* grounds with this one!

On 8/28/2019 at 9:33 AM, Interfearance said:

They are so out of touch that I'm starting to think games would be better if the leads making autonomous executive decisions about them didn't exist, and things were truly decided by everyone.

I understand your sentiment, but experts with 15 years of professional experience are put in charge for a reason... and design often seems simple from the surface, when you don't know the intent, context, and constraints devs are dealing with.

Chances are we'll play it when it comes out and then understand why all these decisions make sense.

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@MikeGon Even though Doom 2016 hit the mark, I am worried that they didn't understand what made it great, like experts of many industries (adverts for one).

Doom is simple. There are no modern shooter mechanics. Everything is stripped down. There is no reload, and no useless downtime. The only pauses are filled with story, minor platforming, and badass animations. The wall jumping looks as if it will be restricted like in tomb raider. I don't think this is a great choice, because it requires little skill and amounts to down time and hand holding.

Also, the UI doesn't really have a good explanation behind it, no matter how experienced the designer was. It looks... bad (opinion alert). There is no reason in changing things that worked already. Doom 2016 realized this and was great because of it. Just a no bullshit shooter that was grounded in reality. Obviously a 10 year old UI doesn't work for a modern game so Doom 2016 had to change that, but you probably get my point?

New weapons look cool, although shoulder missile is really out there and doesn't make any sense since the armor is like indestructible and untouchable according to the deep voice in hell. Apparently they also felt the need to beef up doom guys arms even more in eternal which is like 🤔

In terms of leads at Bethesda, and really any company, I don't have to work for them to realize mistakes are made, and deadlines can be unworkable, and it can be hard to appease such a massive fanbase while progressing simultaneously. People cry for companies to push out games and then cry more when they are unfinished (although release dates should really be held off sometimes). However, expanding demographic and trying to appeal to modern gamers is the opposite of what Doom 2016 did, and everyone still loved it. A massive risk, and a massive reward. But now that everyone is on board, they are taking things in a modernized "Everything is on fire, hell is full of guts" approach. Kinda reminds me of natural selection if I'm honest.

There have been hundreds of games I have played with sensible decisions that conflict each other or were executed horribly. Also, casual gamers will probably love Eternal which is fine, but will it really be anywhere near other dooms (-doom3)? Getting tangential, but seeing you work for 343 reminds me of my Halo 4 days. Back when I was a filthy casual with an Xbox 360, I played Halo 4. After completing it like 3 times, I did not understand the negative response towards it. Everything about it was awesome, and my favorite part was the giant truck mission (was it called a warthog?). That shit was awesome and I remember almost every level. Everything is relative, and I used to really just lose myself in most AAA games. I can still enjoy a large amount, but in almost every game I will find myself thinking about the average player and how they would perceive a level. Is it inaccessible? Will people persevere to this extent to solve this problem before quitting or looking it up? Is this too obvious or handholding? Is this frustrating? What is the purpose of this area? In doom, there are only two solutions: get there, shoot it, or press f. Its beautiful and I don't want to be bombarded with mandatory mechanics of modern games. The demonic presence bar, golden gore nests, drawn out animations in various departments, and it goes on... I am actually excited for the space parts, they seem dope. Hell on earth doesn't really seem too creative tho. Also how can the hell change so drastically between two games especially when the well is shut down?Jesus Christ I am going on.

We will have to see.





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26 minutes ago, mtchromatic said:

Away from opinion on which design is better now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) , doesn't seem like he got magically buff.
Doomguy was in stone coffin thing for a long time, his muscles probably atrophied.
The events of 2016 made him buff again.

Wait why am I even talking about realism at all with a doom game

Doom Guy is hot, actually. He’s sexy.

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11 hours ago, blackdog said:

So is he a demon himself? 😬


Doesn't seem like it according to wiki
the demons ambushed him and put him in the sarcophagus because they were tired of getting beat up
The uac dug him up

According to a part of the wiki labeled as a theory, he was given his powers by an angel, and a demon made the suit for him

Imagine if he is actually a demon, finds out in doom eternal, so he then kills himself after killing all the demons

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1 hour ago, mtchromatic said:

Imagine if he is actually a demon, finds out in doom eternal, so he then kills himself after killing all the demons

That would actually be a good plot device to not make Doom 3 😁

Also there are similar characters, think of Blade being a vampire himself.

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@Interfearance I agree with a lot of this

I just played through the demo today at PAX and honestly all these abilities feel really good! Feels like it's adding a nice new layer of options to combat!

(Btw that was on Stadia I have some feedback about that too I'll talk about later)

The shoulder-mounted thing is where grenades come out of now, guessing they did that so the arms are always free and have a better flow like we can shoot at the same time etc. The flamethrower is also mounted on that if I remember correctly. 

The colorful weapon wheel is just some color coding to help finding what you want quicker, and it feels like they're making the wall climbing work on specific walls because it would otherwise introduce a shit ton of bugs and issues, I imagine. From what I've seen they're avoiding to put them in the middle of combat sections, feels like it's gonna be mostly for platforming moments, which is understandable because it feels like you'd be a sitting duck if you started climbing while there's enemies around. The dash and monkey bar mechanics work great for combat though!

For the Halo 4 thing, my perspective is that the reaction fans had was comparable to any anticipated sequel of beloved franchises, where expectations were really high and devs made a big change of direction (Diablo 3, Resident Evil 6, Dead Space 3, Fallout 3) not that many new mechanics were added, but sprint was definitely the one that didn't sit well with players...

Perhaps you liked it more because you hadn't played the previous games like crazy back in the day? I felt the same way with the Fallout series since I started at 3 and thought it was perfect and didn't understand the criticism it was getting. Everything is relative, as you put it!

(That big truck thing is called Mammoth, Warthog is the 3-players Jeep with a gunner in the back 😁)

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