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The game definitely gets better after the snowy level. I turned the difficulty down a bit and I'm enjoying it more. On one of the harder difficulties, it's absolutely punishing and you're constantly on the edge of death. That would be cool but I'm old now and my reflexes aint what they used to be. :P

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Hell to the yes! Grapple hook, Dodge, improved melee, verticality, new enemies, new weapons, new setting, lives (!?)

Spoiler: you shoot stuff and stuff talks to you asking you not to shoot stuff so much but you ignore them and shoot lots of stuff

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2 hours ago, dux said:

What I don't understand is they stripped all of this excess and unnecessary weight out of doom 2016 then added it all back in for eternal


It doesn't suck but it's a big disappointment for me personally.

So, not the glowing reviews I've been reading, then

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5 hours ago, [HP] said:

C'mon, the game does not suck, lol.

You can be critical of something, yet still enjoy it. It's one hell of a fun game, even with it's problems. imho.

Yeah but from what you’re saying this is far from “potentially the best shooter ever” and other pompous quotes from the press that they put in their trailer. I haven’t read or watched reviews but titles that come up seem positive to me. I feel that preview from Gmanlives was a total sellout since it’s one of the reasons why I was feeling so hyped and tempted to get it… as usual I’ve done well not D1 

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Made it to the end in ultra violence mode, and quite enjoyed it actually, but yeah i didn't had much hype nor expectations beforehand maybe that's why.

What's funny is that it really reminded me the last god of war in terms of rhythm and gameplay mechanics, and uh.. everything actually. The gameplay loop is a bit the same, you go from an arena fight part to a breathing puzzle part (a simple platformer puzzle, finding breakable walls or pushing blocks to make a way) to an arena fight, to a puzzle part, to etc .. Fighting mobs feel very zelda-ish, very situational, using the right tool against the right mob. Very "gamey".

+ the fatalities mechanics + new toys/weapons/gameplay mechanics unlocks over time  + the mythological comic book superhero story over some kind of loose demi-god on a revenge against the gods (really not the best part, but i guess they needed a lore nonetheless ^^)

The fan service is pushed to its maximum, really digged the re design of the old mobs items and all

And i actually enjoyed they added more mobility and air-control over 2016 (a mix of genji's double jump in overwatch + tracer dash) which allow you to have some good stunts and air shots


Maybe it's modern game design, but it felt like god-of-war goes fps. Was cool to me, but i understand why it can be disappointing if you were expecting a real retake of the old doom. Could have been something else, but it's yeah it's cool nonetheless

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I'm enjoying the combat, though I've only been playing a couple of hours so I can see how it could get boring if the weapon mods and enemy line-up don't sufficiently evolve it.

The story-line doesn't really bother me, but I think it's pretty unnecessary to even have it there in the first place. I know what's going on in the narrative but that doesn't affect how I approach the levels because there's a big shiny yellow diamond telling me where I need to go next.

The biggest let-down for me at this early stage is the level design, largely because there are a shit-ton of invisible walls which makes no sense considering all the acrobatics they've introduced. If I can climb things and jump really high let me use that to explore, rather than signposting specific areas where I can use those abilities and then mysteriously locking them down whenever it's an inconvenience to the environment artist. This all just makes it feel like a heavily disguised corridor shooter. Other than the occasional hidden area here and there, there seems to only be one path.

Oh and speaking of hidden areas, what's with the giant yellow question marks? You made an asset for the toy, just fucking use it in the level.


So far I'd say it's a fun shooter, but nowhere near as great as 2016. Kinda wished I'd waited for a sale too.

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3 hours ago, Buddy said:

What did they strip from Doom 3 (for 2016) that made it's way back to Doom Eternal?


I'm confused by some of the complaints here :D

There are three potential answers to that question that I can think of:

1) People are referring to the canned Doom4 which became Doom2016 after Bethesda stepped in and told ID to simplify.

2) People are referring not just to D3, but FPS games in general over the past decade or so.

3) I dunno, diary entries or something?

For me it's a combination of the above which lead to a general feeling that DOOM 2016 was a very raw and basic experience without any unnecessary clutter or complications, compared to Eternal.

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Doom 2016 the moment there was dialogue/cutscene within the first 2 minutes Doom Guy punched it away. Hell yeah.

In Doom Eternal, it feels like there's a cutscene every 2 minutes. What really confused me was when Doom guy walked into a room with those 3 priest guys or whatever the fuck they are and just stood there looking at them. Why am I stood there, just fucking kill them? Oh they're gone now, time for more talking. Hell no.

Ok there's this dude in a cave with big guns. Who the fuck is this guy? What the fuck is going on? Stop talking! I don't care! Why am I not killing?

How did I get in this giant pussy patrol fortress? No I'm not about to read 10 encyclopedia entries on this badly designed and presented menu system to find out.

Why is this a hub game now? What was wrong with kicking in a door and screaming RIP AND TEAR TIME TIMMY

What's that buddy? You were starting to enjoy the combat a bit more? Yeah nah sorry guy. Here, swing off this bright yellow pole instead onto this floating climable concrete coffin that falls out of the sky. Oh also no you can't jump over there even though it totally looks like you can. Lol sorry, try again.

No you can't fight that way, you have to do it this way and only this way or you will die a lot.


I'm trying so hard to like the game but it just keeps fighting me all the way. 


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Disclaimer: I have not played the game

After reading what most of the folks are saying here as well as many user reviews on steam, it seems this new Doom is going in a very different direction than the core Doom tried-and-trusted gameplay: people play Doom to kill everything that moves without a care in the world. It's a pure adrenaline rush and letting off steam. They don't want to be told how to play it, don't require a complex backstory, intricate puzzles, platforming, elaborate dialogue/cutscenes, etc

I believe one user summed it up:


Doom Eternal tells you how you should play the game and punishes you when you don't, unlike its predecessor which gave you the tools and told you "go on, have fun!". Combat feels like a chore and map design is confusing or lazy at times.

As Minos said, I'll wait until a steam sale with considerable price reduction before buying it.

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2 hours ago, [HP] said:




I wasn't expecting to watch the full 17 minutes in so much detail, but it is really interesting looking at how their designs change over time.

I think I prefer a lot of the more low-tech designs (not rendering tech, but in-canon tech), especially on the Arachnotron and Mancubus. A lot of the more high-tech designs look a bit ... bubbly?

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On 1/27/2020 at 12:54 AM, Minos said:



10 hours ago, [HP] said:




Just in case was missed the dev insight on new demons.

Looking at the side by side comparisons I’m not that favourably impressed. Didn’t pay much attention to the Hugo video I guess, but lots of updates feel done for the sake of changing, look at those head plates on the Revenant, was much cooler in 2016. Feels like the time of the Doom/Quake clones (which were really mods/total conversions). I’d much rather see a consistency in the evolution, like the Mancubus face is completely different, is not the same demon anymore 😕 

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