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Doom Eternal


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Doom 3 is an absolutely amazing game, if you were to ask me my top5 favourit games ever, it would probably end up on that list. I was able to appreciate it for what it was, a different kind of game from Doom I/II. It got hate for being different, and I loved it for having the balls to actually be different. (Also... some of the best textures in any game, ever!)

Same reason I was able to enjoy Doom 2016 a lot, it's a reboot of the franchise, just like Doom 3, so I was able to appreciate it for what it tried to do, rather than bring my emotional and nostalgia baggage into it and ruin the experience.

I like the name Doom Eternal btw, I like they didn't call it Doom 2. Even Doom 3 should have been called something else, specially since it's so different from the two that preceded it, when you have a number in front of a sequel, it brings a certain list of expectations, that can be a hindrance. And now that I think about it, Doom 2016 is kind of the Doom 3 people were expecting back then in terms of the design language and the structural gameplay pillars it stands on.

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Pumped to see this!

I like they implemented the grappling hook, that shit makes every game better, but I don't like much it's implementation and the Doomguy upgrades: the blade animations I like less than the old headsplits and punches, and I think would feel more fluid if the hook was installed in place of the blade. Shoot while gliding, shoot what you want.

I feel there has been a palette change in terms of graphic, as well it feels they are making it feel a bit more "flat" and cartoonish than I expected. Not complaining really, I mostly like the effect, but at the same time some effects make me feel like when they released trailers with unfinished/unpolished FX, in particular the gore system gives me that impression.

I was hoping for a less "meaty" demo in terms of environment, I loved the hell maps in D2016, but this areas with "meat" everywhere nit so much.

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This game looks delicious

Crossing fingers for a new and improved map editor 🤤

Also I feel like the movement is slow comparing to the last one, I don't know why... maybe it's just an impression 🤔

I hope they will make the grapple hook a bit faster too...

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I fucking love Doom.

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On 8/16/2018 at 10:41 PM, WD said:

Those alt fire modes remind me of some of the crazy stuff Painkiller had. Someone should reboot that franchise, btw. I miss the old telephone pole gun 😟


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