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[cs:go] de_cleanup - wingman

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Here is a wingman map that I'm working on since about 3 month.

workshop link



At the moment I'm using some of the awesome resort props by @Yanzl. Other than that the map is currently filled with dev textures and wip props.

If you have any kind of feedback I'll be happy to hear it.

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The screenshot looks dope, but just judging from the radar, it might be a bit too complex and large?

3 chokes lead to 4 entrances onto site. I imagine that would be super hard to hold with 2 CTs. I wouldn't wanna say what to cut without playtesting the map, but I feel like something needs to go here.

Great world building though. Would love to play that.

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Looks dope, I would like to play this.
Not sure if overview a bit misleading, seems could be a bit large? And what Waldo said. Depends what you going for. I feel the long would be underused, with CTs posted top corridor and left corner inside to look the other entrance and that T don't come from long.
Can still work, Inferno/wingman pretty much works like that...

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There has been a little testmatch recently wich led to some very good feedback on how to simplify some of the areas. Many thanks to RZL, csWaldo and Vaya! The outside route will mostly stay untouched for now. 

2 hours ago, blackdog said:

PS: you gonna post this through the Reddit Wingman mapping contest?

Meamt to open a topic posting a link to it when I saw the tweet


I read about that contest some days ago. I didn't plan on it in the first place but if I'll have something presentable by december 13th I'll submit it.

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A small update:



I've tried to implement the latest feedback and cut the small room behind the bombsite. I also removed one entrance to the bombsite and enlarged the plant area a little bit.


To make the outside part more interesting i added some cover along the ramp.


I also added some placeholder props here and there.


Here are some slides which show the main changes:

hallway 1

hallway 2




Workshop version a6:



I'm always thankfull for any feedback.






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update time 😀

Progress is going slow but steady. The map is still far from completion but I feel everything is in place now.


I think I made most of the the props that I need and I also started to create custom materials. I'll focus on texturing and lighting next. Please note that nothing is final in that regard.

Layoutwise there has been one alteration in the ramp area. I opened a sidepath leading through a vent into the bombsite. This way the outside area gets a little more important.








Here are some side by side comparison shoots since the last version (any possibility for embedding those directly?):









You can check out the map here:





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