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Half-Life 2: Strikeback - recruiting

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Hi, everyone.

I'm new in these forums so please be gentle :)

I am the leader of a Half-Life 2 Modification project named "Strikeback". It is a Single Player modification and is based on the original Half-Life 2 story. It's just like a branch similar to Blue Shift or Opposing Force for Half-Life 1.

You - the player - are James Edwards, Leader of the Rebellion. You are to lead the rebels to a strikeback against The Combine forces. Naturally... you are most of the time alone and the rebels help you to get to the major point of the city, near citadel, where you will fight with the rebels and try to hold them back so that Gordon is finally able to destroy the Citadel.

The timeline is in this one week when Gordon and Alyx are on their week-worth of teleport (you know... the one when they teleported from Nova Prospekt to dr. Kleiners lab).

What we have is 6 mappers (2 quite inactive, to tell the truth), 2 modellers (some bits of activity) and 2 coders (also a bit of inactivity :))

So who do we need?

- Level designers. You don't have to be good, I am willing to help everyone to improve their skills. You just need to have an average knowledge of mapping. Also, a bit of previous work would be great.

- Coders - to change the HUD and add some new weapons to the game. They have to coop with

- Modellers - able to create fully animated weapons for both first and not first person view Also, probably need to coop with

- Texturers - to skin the newly created models, perhaps create new textures for mapping...

- Sound artists and faceposers - to present your voice for the ingame characters and make full faceposer scenes (also all the movement and expressions etc), they need to co-operate with Level designers.

Right now, who we need the most, are mappers. We want to get a small gameplay video for a start. Screenshots show nothing. They are a bit old aswell. We are making great progress.

Since this is a Freely-released modification, it is fully voluenteer. I'm sorry I cannot pay you of any kind, but I can promise one thing - if (and only if, which i'm sure will be) the mod will be released to public and it will be a blast, I have an idea of a new game, which is based on Source engine and will be released for money. Not a MOD, a GAME. I have this idea for quite a few months for now and this is a blast. So everyone who are in this mod project, get to improve their skills for that game and in there - you WILL get paid. The ones who participated in this mod will get more than the ones who didn't. I tell you no more, for the idea is still in processing behind all of the mapping I have to make.

(please, don't make a big deal out of it, right now we are talking about a mod afterall)

Anyway... http://strikeback.monzi.org is the webpage and here are my contacts:

MSN - madedog@hotmail.com

mail - madedog@gmail.com

So if anybody feels for it - don't hesitate to contact me and help us out a bit.

Thank you for your time,


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We have no shortage of people that rule with c17 architecture in hl2. You do however have to convince people to join.

Your opening sounded intriguing, had you followed that up with screenshots of new character models and some neat new techy and industrial props to play with you'd probably have gotten some nibbles.

I don't quite think you have enough stuff to really attract super awesome talent.

Prove me wrong at your leisure.

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Whatever :) I haven't got a lot of time to work with the website, though. I just sped it up with xoops and there it has been with all its modules active and from time to time I update some news :)

edit: I forgot to press enter and this message have been here since the post before last :-P

Anyway, there are no new character models, at least not yet, since we don't have compentent modellers who could make such things with whole bunch of stuff, like weighting, skinning etc etc.

Yes, there ARE going to be some new models, indeed. They are just not ready yet.

Perhaps new car models and so on, and so on. We still need a good skinner and texturer.

edit2: I never said anything about super awesome talent! FFS I am still teaching the guy who makes the new Highway.

Trust me - I would do everything on my own, but if I would do that, it would take AGES... like... perhaps until Half-Life 3!!! One man to do it all... oh please! That's why I need more of a crew. If everybody would be professionals, then there wouldn't be any need whatsoever for more people, but with these conditions... there is.

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To be honest, I think it would be better to talk to level designers over at countermap, if it's still there.

There is a very small chance you would find people at this forum willing to take such a chance by joining a mod without any (working) modellers/skinners or coders.

Never say never though, good luck to you and your team.

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I never said we have no modellers :D We DO have, even 2. They are quite inactive because of the lack of things to do for them :D I just made one build a... (how do you call this... there is no word "tractor" in english, right? You know... the machine with big wheels and hydraulic system that digs the land... no?)

Anyway... the skinners part is true. I thought maybe here would be...

I'll check out the countermap rightaway, though...

edit: hmm... is it just me or are the forums really down..

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zilla hit the nail on the head, without providing bait (some already completed work) your not going to get much of a response, espically from these forums. You have to prove your worth your weight in gold, otherwise those with the talent arent going to risk wasting time on a project that will never materalize, b/c what fun/good is that? I give you props for your efforts, keep trying, but just be realistic about it :)

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u'll find some texture & model artists, you just need to some advertising on all the HL2 forums :D

I checked out your tutorials on your website madedog, since im new at modeling for HL2, im collecting all the tutorial i can get ;)

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Im curious about ur idea of a whole new game, but this mod just sounds like more of the same. An extra chapter of city17, and city17 wasnt the most exciting environment for me, especially with the idiotic AI of ur squad and enemies. I found the beach sections much more interesting. Im sure there may be some fans of the city sections tho =)

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I think non-developers find c17 more visually appealling. After i started mapping in Source, i was less impressed by it.

But you might think that what i just said contradicts the reason why there are so many c17 styled maps and mods. The reason there is so much c17 themed crap is because there are so many models, textures, etc designed specifically for c17, so its hard to resist the temptation to make something in the c17 style.

Anyways, i think your mod's site has too little information and media in order to start recruiting. I think mods are best started with people you actually know in the real world.

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