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The Door Challenge - 2018 - Questions and Answers Thread

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On 8/10/2018 at 12:05 AM, nikkoship said:

Are we allowed to choose beyond the three categories listed (first person, third person, VR) for our level? Like for example is 2d or 2.5d stuff okay? (platformer, isometric etc.)

Good that you also mentioned this.. as ue4 and unity are added into the mix, it would be very interesting to see some kind of 2d (game style) Door challenge imo..

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I'd plan on developing something for the Oculus Go, a few questions with this:

  • Would I have to create a PC version and VR version? There are no .exe because the Go runs android, so the executable will be an APK.
    • If I'd use the motion controller to open the door, a PC version wouldn't be possible. Is then a VR only application enough?
  • Is a video about the door good enough to be judged? I doubt many judges have a Go lying around.

Does "The Door" have to be a physical door? Is an "entrance" to a particular space also valid? Of course when the player is made aware of the "entrance".

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A video would suffice in the case of it being on the Go. Just make sure you show everything off properly in the video, and make it easy to understand your ideas. 

There SHOULD be a door of some sort. Don't want to go too abstract. You might get docked points by voters if there isn't a door. Check the main thread for how people should be voting. 

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