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[CSGO] Victoria

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I like the look of mid. It's way clearer now where fights are happening. Big improvement.

Two things that you might want to consider: The boost at mid to the right is a pretty large area. People can easily maneuver on it. I would restrict player movement up there a little bit. I'm not saying to copy Cache's boost, but think of how that boost feels. First part feels very clumsy if it's more than one person, then you have to cross the enemy's line of sight, and then you have some more breathing room, but no actual corner to tuck yourself into. I also can't tell by the gif whether boost is visible from the bridge over the left hand side bomb site.

Second thing i would to rethink is this plank jump. It seems like you've increased the difficulty compared to the last time. In my opinion, this would lead to a situation where you can enhance ONE spawnpoint, but not more. Reason behind that, is that features like jumps, boosts, ladders ect, slow players down and this gets enhanced greatly if it's more than 1 player traversing that path. You gotta have perfectly synchronized and flawless movement to take advantage of this as a team. If you mess up, you kill yourself and potentially people coming behind you since they bump into your falling model. One thing that could still make this viable, is a small platform underneath that leads back up to the highground on the left. If you fall down and or cannot make the jump, you don't lose your (and potentially your team mates') life, but a significant amount of time.

Keep going! I really like your progress. This is gonna turn out to be amazing!

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