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[FC5 Arcade] Rogue - Altitude

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Started Map #2 in the Far Cry 5 Arcade editor.

I'm enjoying the idea of creating multiple playable experiences as this character called 'Rogue', taking a lot of cues from the high-action gameplay style of the old James Bond games.

Rogue - Altitude (WIP Title) is a 'Bounty' type level set in the high alps, where you must infiltrate an oil pipeline checkpoint facility, take out the Rocket-Firing Evil Dude and then survive an explosive escape by aeroplane.

Here are the first WIP images for it.

I'm going to practice making some proper diagrams and such. I want this level's creation to also be a lesson in good documentation.





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Who knew, drawing out a level plan actually helps come up with better ideas, a more structured level, and overall more enjoyable gameplay. Tonight I made some additional changes based on the diagram. Also worked on perfecting the Big Boom at the end.




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Put in another 3 hours tonight and 95% finished the whole layout. Art pass next week!

Happy with the progress. It's intended to be a very short, high-action experience and I'm ok with the linear design for now. The next map will be more open-world.

Here's the update photo... (notice how my diagram influenced changes on the top half of the level)



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On 8/16/2018 at 1:25 PM, Interfearance said:

Tidy work! Drawing is in many ways better then starting blind unless you have an image of the entire map in your head.

Thank you! I always start with sketches, but I've been wanting to do proper digital diagrams for something for a while. It was very useful to discover new gameplay elements before even putting it together in the editor.


And here's a few updates!




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