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[FC5 Arcade] Rogue - Chaos Break

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This week I released my first ever public map! (woo!) It's called "Rogue - Chaos Break" and was made in the editor for Far Cry 5 Arcade.

Here is a video of the gameplay: https://youtu.be/g2j6ieZsTbA

An editor like this makes it easy to start creating your level using terrain first and then using trial-and-error with the provided 3d meshes to get your layout working, but I wanted to push for a more traditional pipeline. 

I started with a greybox pass and then iterated on that, when the layout was good I began bringing in 3d Meshes. Because I can't create my own, there was definitely further iteration required to find meshes that fit but overall the layout didn't have to change that much, and I think for a first released map I've done ok!

In ~ 4 days it's had 1,000+ plays, 600+ reviews, 30+ people favourited it and is currently sitting at a 4.6 star rating. I'm very happy with the result. On to the next thing!


Now, some images of development :)


















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