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The Movies, Black & White 2, and The Room.


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http://www.pqhp.com/cmp/gdctv/a9-molyne ... r1.htm?300

You can watch the whole 1 hour plus presentation if you like, which the industry people here might enjoy, but if not then I do recommend at least checking out the Black & White 2 and The Room parts (selectable from the index menu at the bottom).

Black & White 2 looks like a huge improvement from the original, both graphically and in terms of gameplay. I love RTS games, so combining that genre with BW1 (which I incidentally loved, unlike many) is great. The fact that they've also lowered the intense micromanagement required for villagers is a relief, since that was the main problem for me in BW1. The war looked a bit chaotic, but since they've been playing the game for ages, plus the fact that as a beginner you're unlikely to be thrown straight into one of those, it's understandable. I mean, any RTS game looks confusing as fuck if you watch someone who's been playing it for ages in some battle.

But what I found really impressive was The Room. God damn, that looked amazing. The whole portals system was just great, and reminded me of that "The Box" (I think) short movie which someone in #mapcore posted a while ago. It's a shame that won't make it into a working game in itself, but seeing that kind of concept (not to mention engine) in an actual working game concept makes me wet with excitement.

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