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Dying Light 2

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I got to sit through the demo presentation, at the end everyone got this Dying Light 2 figurine that came in this black box. Very cool.

Anyway...from watching them play the demo I'm convinced they will make the player choice thing work.  As for whether players actually like that feature is speculative, but it seems pretty cool.  The parkour looks like a big upgrade from DL1 such as using a zombie to break your fall when you ride it off the side of a building...vaulting off zombies to a higher ledge or something (was that in DL1) and the wallrunning worked great.  The grappling hook plus paraglider gave it elements of Batman and Zelda BotW in a great way.  tl;dr: I'm sold on the parkour and combat from what I have seen.  As for the levels and art direction, I am very happy to say that the game isn't all brown/gray post-apocalypse-y.  There is a lot of color and polish on the presentation and it feels like a very convincing world.

While not as flashy as what CDPR showed with Cyberpunk 2077 (which was in the meeting room right next door to Techland) I'm more jazzed about the gameplay and world you play in with DL2.  Both games did great at the show so keep it up Poland.

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