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Dying Light 2

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I can't find topics opened following the announcement at this year's E3.

The graphics has seen a very nice improvement,  in particular I think it looks brighter and more colourful, which is great. Also vaguely makes me think of an upgraded HL2 kind of city. Overall is just a beautiful post-apocalyptic environment.

As this analysis/preview came up on YT, I decided to document the development of the title. Quite a nice video, despite no new footage, there are some questions answered by the lead level designer


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Played about half of the first one so far with my friend and it has been a blast. The gameplay is really solid. So nice to traverse on the rooftops and take zombie smashing breaks on the way to the next quest.

The story and characters are one of the weak points, which tells me that the developers really know where to focus on this second iteration.

I believe this game will be the one to watch next year.

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I played the first game all the way through to the end.  I agree with your assessment Zarsky, however I still enjoyed the story and characters despite the tropes and cliches.  The world as a whole was convincing and the looting/crafting/surviving was a joy, allowing you to take on challenges in many different ways.  In fact, it has some of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. destroyed world vibe which gave it a big plus in my book.  I'd say it was my game of the year of 2016, in fact.

From what I can observe about Techland is that it seems to take this branching narrative design very seriously, sober to past faulted attempts that resulted in more marketing hype than anything else. I just don't see Techland promising this and not delivering given my discussions with them at E3. Hope they pull it off!!

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@blackdog I was going to start a new topic about Dying Light 2 but then I noticed that you already took care of that :)

Along with Cyberpunk 2077, it was one of the big reveals at E3.

I stopped getting hyped about new games a looong time ago but I feel genuinely excited for this game.

I was surprised to know that Techland coded a new engine for this game (C Engine) and put their trusted and very powerful Chrome Engine 6 aside. But I do trust those guys, they know what they are doing ;)

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This is BIG news.

Dying Light was the best game when it comes to first-person natural, fluid parkour movements. If they live up to this claim in Dying Light 2 (and I have every reason to believe them), this would be a major selling point among many others.

On a side note, I can't wait to put my fingers on the new developer tools/SDK for the new C-Engine :D

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The way things are shaping up, it seems the story and replayability factor will be tremendous elements of this game.

The player choices will not only change the story, gameplay, and AI stance, it will literally change the city's visuals depending on your actions and interactions with different factions and AI.

This is like "Deus Ex" in overdrive :D




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