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This looks so incredible, RE4 still remains my favorite in the series but I only experienced RE2 by the time it was atleast 10 years old so I didn't have that magical experience that others had when t

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@ElectroSheep do the DLC's when you're done with the game, they're pretty good!


As for RE2, I beat Leon's campaign on normal difficulty, took me around 10 hours. It's as close to perfection as a video game can get for me, great sound, art, gameplay, level design and survial horror aspects. It's like a cocktail of awesome!

I'll wait a few days, and play Claire Campaign on hard, can't wait to see how the game differs! :D

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Oh nice didn't know there was DLC. Sounds interesting!

Convinced the girlfriend to watch me play the game and I think she's enjoying watching me play. Lickers freak her out and she's not a fan of Mr.X :D Started playing the campaign with Claire on normal difficulty and am about 4 hours in. Loving solving the puzzles and I really love how they got the , quite frankly weird building, to work in a realistic looking game.

They've really nailed it. It feels like Resident Evil 2 but dayum bro you seen these graphics? Runs nice and smooth at 1440p, high settings, on my 980ti too.

We're both busy all week so will have to pick it up again the weekend. Can't wait!

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Just finished this the other day, got the true ending. 16 hours for both campaigns according to steam. It was pretty cool! Loved it. Would recommend. It was my first Resident Evil game as well.


Not a fan of Mr X, I want to explore that huge mansion, not run around aimlessly looking for that small little thing I missed. Kind wish he would appear on scenario B only. Not gonna lie, some of the item hunt was a bit obnoxious, had to look up a walkthrough in a couple places. No way I would've figured out how to proceed otherwise, but maybe I'm just getting old :(. Mostly I needed to examine items more. My second playthrough with claire was much easier as well, I almost never used the uzi and finished the game with ample herbs and gunpowder.

Nothing too severe though, these are small nitpicks and mostly come to preference. Really loved the survival horror gameplay and how the zombies react to bullets and such. It was really well thought out and balanced. Good balance between "I'm fucked pls help me" and "alright, I'm gonna use this item here and free up a slot, then move unto here and do this, then backtrack and pick up this, and...".

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I finished it the other week when I finally had some free time. 19 hours of mostly annoyance free fun! Having never played RE2 before I definitely feel the 1st half of the game was more enjoyable for me than the final part. I loved every minute of the police station and discovering the underground bit. Sewers were okay, really hated those big fleshy things that came out the water and that bit that forced you through their lair bit. Mostly because it stressed me out haha. Really enjoyed the level design for the station and sewers though, how it all joins up and had me going "oooh I see now". Particularly the part where I came out to an originally locked door to the stairs that took me down to the sewers, I really liked little bits like that. Didn't like the FBI girls bits with her hacking gun, weakest part of the game to me. Fortunately it was only brief. The dialogue and voice acting was god awful, but it's a 90's Japanese game it's part of the package. Also the last boss fight can go do one. I died once the whole game to a section I thought was a cinematic but turned out to be sort of QTE that wasn't presented well at all. But the final boss I died like 5 times.

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Once I finish the remaning 4 RE's I have yet to play we need to make a discussion thread on this because I have some thoughts!

I'm so glad putting off playing this series for 20 years is actually paying off.

On 3/11/2019 at 8:18 AM, blackdog said:

Spoilers 🤣


Apologies. I hope I didn't hurt the experience for anyone. I'm forgetting how to internet apparently :X

On 3/13/2019 at 12:45 AM, Pharad said:

I was pretty much sold on the game before it released, played it extensively from January 15th onwards. It is probably one of the best horror games ever as far as scaring the crap out of the player is concerned! I have even written a blog providing a few tips and tricks for the game, it is spoiler-free as far as that's concerned. Any critique guys? https://www.eneba.com/blog/resident-evil-2-guide-and-tips-to-crush-the-game/


(spolier tags just in case) You mention time when listing the advantages for avoiding zombies rather than killing them. Is that a spoiler? I've not yet finished the game yet so I don't know if it is or not.

In the options section do you have any specific options to look for. One thing that I never am quite sure of is if I am supposed to manually enable a ps4 pro mode or if it just kicks in automatically.

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