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Resident Evil 2 Remake


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This looks so incredible, RE4 still remains my favorite in the series but I only experienced RE2 by the time it was atleast 10 years old so I didn't have that magical experience that others had when they played it new. So excited to play through this.

Now I just want more remakes of those landmark 90s/2000s games. Maybe one day we'll get a remake of Max Payne or by some miracle an MGS2 remake...

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6 hours ago, [HP] said:

Gameplay video

Looks beautiful. Probably gonna scare the shit out of me all over again. Happily it's been confirmed for PC and XBO for the same date too so will be definitely be picking this up for PC. Can't aim for shit on consoles :D

I will say the doors looked a bit annoying in the gameplay. At one point a zombie (clearly bugged it just walked away from Leon) turned away and walked through the doorway and just as the player was going to shoot it the door automatically closed between them. I don't mind doors automagically closing, it should probably happen slower/later though to avoid blocking the players aim after they just opened it. 

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It looks very good, I won't argue on that, but I guess the glossiness on so many materials gives me a bit a Doom 3 vibe and it kinda feels "dated" before coming out.
What I mean is that I remember being blown away when RE5 was first shown, in comparison that engine felt as a jump ahead, this is pretty much what you expect nowadays.

I might just be biased because I recently read that the graphics of RE2 were going to be amazing, there was some article I read that was talking about the new engine they are using.

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@blackdog, its interesting you bring this up, because I actually really loved the fact that the specularity looks a bit stylized, it makes the game look unique and it's a very ingenious throwback to how pre-rendered games looked in the 90's, without being too on the nose. It is supposed to look "dated" with a slight twist to it, they really made RE7 engine look good yet unique in here, the lighting is wonderful amd very effective at selling the horror vibe. With that gameplay video, i think RE2 became my most anticipated E3 game this year. I love how they're not half assing this, the labour of love from the team is really coming across. 

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8 hours ago, Vorontsov said:

I'm going to try and do everything in my power to get my hands on this game. Resident Evil is one of my favourite franchises, can't miss this one. 

You just need to go to the shop and buy it ? hopefully will be on Steam too.

I think the times of Jap release only are long gone?

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