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de_mine.vmm (dev name)

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18 minutes ago, Le1T said:


Крюк-кошку не забудь засунуть в первый слот вместо ножа :)


@untor The CT rotation path between the sites seems quite boring/uninspired to me. There's more potential :) 

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9 hours ago, NikiOo said:

So you've scrapped the mine idea?

Or are you just using placeholder assets from Dust2 to set the atmosphere?

The mine was only the basis of the idea, the location under the ground. What kind of card will be in the end, while it is not known exactly. Now I'm demonstrating one of the most successful concepts. If something more exciting or even more interesting comes to mind, then again I will show this segment of the map for comparison.
I like the idea of a ruined temple in the rocks. But at the moment this is not the final idea.

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16 hours ago, blackdog said:

Previous layout looked more interesting to me, but awesome art.

If you keep the theme, call it de_tombs or something like that.

Im in Turkey right now, look up Tlos and maybe use that as inspiration for the theme(?)

Thank you. Mine is only the original name of the project. The final has not yet come up.

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