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E3 2018


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Bethesda conf is being way cringer than usual, kinda weird. 

Loved that we're getting more doom, bring it. 

I hope this new Wolfenstein is better than wolf2, it was kinda lackluster compared to wolf1. 

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I was at the Microsoft conference today.  The fanboys they brought in were pumped as shit. They announced or showed a total of 50 games, plus acquisition of 5 studios including Ninja Theory.  They are clearly making a no bullshit effort to restore a strong 1st party development system.  Good for them. I am no fanboy of any platform so I hope it goes well for Microsoft.

Halo Infinite ... didn't show much yet.

Gears 5...sorry but it felt very trope-y despite still having fans who may like this

Devil May Cry 5...fans were getting nerd boners it seems...

Shadow of the Tomb Raider....I love the series so take my money on this one.

Some new PUBG related stuff...

Kingdom Hearts III....had Elsa and Anna from Frozen in it.  "WTF WHO CARES?" you say. Well the crowd went nuts at that and shit my young daughters were pumped to hear about that when I told them and they started asking me about Kingdom Hearts and  now think "wait...maybe this RPG and Zelda thing daddy likes could be cool." So fucking bravo, Square Enix, bravo to you.  While you are at it, throw in Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor (especially Elena cause she is good with a sword and can fight) cause my kids love them too.

Dying Light 2...oh man I am pumped for this. I loved the first game.

Fallout 76 looked very pretty and I suppose if you love Fallout you may love this. I'm supposed to see it up close this week so looking forward to that.

They are working on "some kind of thing that could eventually be a new console" ...big eyeroll as of course they are and have been working on a new hardware iteration of some kind.  Call me with some real news, pls.

At the end they had a cool Cyberpunk 2077 showing that you should read about in the other thread

Finally, this was pretty cool:

Image result for Xbox Adaptive Controller


I got to try it out up close. By itself it is not revolutionary and it seems resourceful gamers (and/or those who care about gamers with special controller needs) have been hacking their way to gerry-rigged solutions for a while...so Microsoft just decided to make it a little easier for them.  As an industry analyst I have no idea how much this will sell, but hey, if it helps people who love gaming but can't use a regular controller due to an injury, brain-injury, degenerative disease or some other reason, good on Microsoft.  I also think that they would be fun to mess around with the way people were interested in with the Kinect years back.  

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Great post @Izuno. Did you also attend Bethesda conf?

Microsoft really exceed my expectations, the fact that they're now looking at Sony putting out all these amazing first party games and wanting to do the same is great news for the industry and gamers alike, tbh they should have made that decision back in 2014, but whatever, glad to see xbox trying to climb itself back to glory. Acquiring those 5 studios could turn out great, it surprised me seeing ninja theory on there, developing and self publishing hellblade was a point of great pride for them, so seeing them getting acquired was surprising but I bet Microsoft made them an offer they couldn't refuse, good for them.

Btw. Love this, hidden in cyberpunk 2077 trailer


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Yeah the Cyberpunk demo floored a lot of people tho I did not catch that easter egg.

Forgot to mention Jump Force, the latest mashup from Bandai in the Dragonball, Naruto, One Piece, Death Note universes.  I'm sure nerd boners went up all over the theater.  (Edit by Izuno:  Did I fucking say it was just a Dragonball mashup and leave out those other 3?  So sorry. It is obviously more than just Dragonball. It was late. I must have been Ambien tweeting or something...anyway...corrected.)


Today I"m likely going to the Ubisoft and Sony conferences. 


FYI...if you are going to E3 and have not been down there, be aware security is a little beefed up this year with checkpoints and metal detectors to get in and way more security personnel.  If you have an Exhibitor or Media badge, you can get in early to the show each day so do so to beat the lines. They are checking bags for real this year...at least they were yesterday but I'm sure once the conference really gets going starting Tuesday it will be a slow slog to just get in.

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