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Battlefield V


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I just don't understand why they made the Battlefield 1 reveal trailer so damn good, and make this one so utterly terrible.

- No epic music

- Nothing big and exciting was shown. Just scripted gameplay with some cinematic cut scenes (Battlefield 1 trailer had the zeppelin, the train and the 20-something horses running in the sand etc.)

- BF1's trailer definitely benifited from the jump cuts. This trailer basically had none, making it somewhat boring to watch (for me atleast)

- Almost nothing excited me with this trailer, besides some cool gameplay mechanics.

JackFrags uploaded a video on his YouTube channel right after the game had been revealed, explaining a lot of the features that will be in the game. I'm actually really happy that they've chosen to have more strategic and team focused gameplay. That's what Battlefield needed. Just sad that they chose to make this kind of trailer, that a lot of people are going to judge the game out of.


woohoo for no premium pass though :) 

EDIT: found out that the guy who made the previous Battlefield trailers left DICE in 2016 after Battlefield 1.

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That live reveal and the build-up to it was blown out of proportions for what Battlefield 5 is turning out to be. I wish they had been a little bit braver with the setting. Oh well, there are still some interesting gameplay changes coming up for people who enjoy Battlefield. Here is the video by jackfrages that MadsenFK mentioned earlier:


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To be fair, its Battlefield: V, as in V2 rockets. Thats the WWII connection! 🙄

joking aside, i was hoping for a ’real’ WWII game with realism, band of brothers come to life.

This just looks like Bad Company gone WWII , so. Meh. Not sold, yet.

Still hoping for a DOD:Source 2 haha

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20 minutes ago, Vaya said:

I can't believe they put women in it. Last thing I needed was to be reminded that women exist.

I thought about that, and I interpreted it as resistance. The people in the trailer look more like a ragtag band, so I expect some kind of storyline based on "resistance"... that seems a good excuse to maintain the female quota of recent politically correct practices.

But she also has a mechanical arm! That seems quite out of place. I mean sure prosthesis existed but one thing is a hook, another is a fully articulated arm.

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4 hours ago, Vaya said:

lol I was joking :P

I'd actually rather have artistic license applied to it's fullest extent here. I'm so sick of WW2 games..

It's also pretty common knowledge that the Soviets and certain parts of Eastern Bloc Europe had female combatants.  Looks like it'd be some form of Polish resistance or Soviet forces.  We'll see what it ends up being.

We'll see, I see this as a way for BFV to distance itself away from CoD WWII and all the other WWII games.  If that trailer was made with American/British soldiers again Michael Bay fighting the Germans it'd be completely indistinguishable from CoD WWII

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"Shanina volunteered for the military after the death of her brother in 1941 and chose to be a marksman on the front line. Praised for her shooting accuracy, Shanina was capable of precisely hitting enemy personnel and making doublets (two target hits by two rounds fired in quick succession)."


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